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Military (U.S. Armed Forces)

Our federal Department of Defense oversees our armed forces.  
U.S. Military Magazine (Futures, 2014, also linked as pdf bottom of this page) - gives overview of different branches of our armed forces with descriptions of the types of activities within
Panorama has a tradition of graduates joining the armed forces during high school, right out of high school, and after trying college or full-time work.  We welcome military recruiters in our building throughout the school year so students can feel comfortable asking soldiers questions. Typically, soldiers set up table displays by the hot lunch line, but may also present during a relevant course.
Reasons students have described joining a branch of our military -
  • Desire to protect the United States people from danger
  • Adventure involved in the training and travel of a soldier
  • Job training provided as part of the soldiers service - making our veterans valuable employee applicants if they choose to leave the military
  • Financial assistance paying for college
5 branches of the U.S. Military are (with links for each):
Soldier Retirement benefits include 40 percent of salary after 20 years service and 60 percent of salary after 30 years service.
Each branch has enlisted soldiers, officers, and reserves or guard programs.
Soldiers, or Service Men and Women, can retire after 20 years and receive forty percent of their ending salary, or retire after 30 years and receive 60 percent of their ending salary.