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Panorama Schools recognizes that promoting health in children enhances their ability to learn. The district employs a full-time nurse who provides accessible, quality health care for every child.

District health services include:

  • Coordination of health screenings and appropriate immunizations
  • Management of chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and seizures
  • Identification, referral and follow-up of health concerns
  • First aid for illness and injury
  • Prevention and control of communicable diseases within the school environment
  • Special nursing services for treatments prescribed by the student’s physician necessary for the student to attend school
If your child has specific health concerns, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the school nurse. She will work closely with you and your child’s doctor to provide the health services needed during the school day to prevent or modify any barriers to learning.

“You cannot educate an unhealthy child, and you cannot keep an uneducated child healthy.”

– Dr Jocelyn Elder, former Surgeon General