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 2018-19 Panorama High School Course Sections by Term, Period, and Teacher
  • use this linked veiw of the PHS course schedule to see options if your personal course schedule is not full
    • see your personal course schedule on the Infinite Campus portal
    • as you "zoom in" please note that the sections circled in red are full
    • See course descriptions
      • Panorama Portal Infinite Campus, as you use Course Registrations page, using field "course search" box
      • PHS Course Description Booklet, 2018-19 (4/30/2018) - lnfinite Campus course descriptions listing, organized by subject areas alphabetically, Infinite Campus course identification numbers also given to assist family selection of courses for scheduling
Panorama Advantage
Block Schedule allows for more than 4 years of subject area to be earned while in PHS. Commonly students take 5-7 years of course work in the areas colleges recommend and required 2-4 years of college preparation.  Panorama uses a modified block, meaning we have three morning 80 minutes "blocked" courses and three afternoon 45 minute "skinny" courses.
  • Blocked courses allow you, the PHS student, to take "2 years" of a sequential curriculum in one school year
  • The more "years" of courses you take, the more competitive an edge you have over students who only reach Regent Admissions Minimum Course Requirements or Recommended "4 Years of Science, English, Math, Social Studies, and World Language" (see Building Your Future, Your Courses Count graphic on back of your IOWA, ISU, UNI folder). Our students often have 6 or more years of curriculum within the areas of their interests!
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PHS SCHEDULE! Take more than 4 years of English, Math, Science, & Social Studies - AND - take the Regent U's Minimum Required loads - AND - TAKE FREE COLLEGE COURSES (college courses in our building, college courses off campus, college courses online)!!!
  • "Skinnies" Panorama uses a modified block schedule by adding three 45 min. periods, Skinnies, to a 3x4 block. This allows delivering both block (three 80 min. "blocked" periods in morning) and three traditional 45 min. periods (in afternoon), each of the 4 terms of school year. Typically music courses, choir and band are in afternoons. 
Monitor Your Academic Progress
CAREER TIES TO ACADEMIC PLANS (list of individual & classroom activities listed on Careers & Job Knowledge page)
Iowa State Universities' My Academic Plan (MAP) website helps you learn more about yourself, possible college programs, and careers. These activities are required for grade 8 and up. Panorama will guide you through these activities (which helps us meet state requirements for each student to complete Iowa Core Course requirements before graduating).  The more high school electives & part-time jobs you experience, the more understanding you will have for deciding the type of education & career you want to explore and pursue after HS.
Grade 8 Classroom Guidance activities, that precede Gr.8 Family Meeting in Term 4 
Attached Forms
  • Parent Physical Education Waiver Form (may use once per Fall OR Spring while in a school sport supervised by certified coach)
  • Family-School contract for activities beyond the curriculum scheduled for all high school students (elementary building community service, seniors coming late or leaving early up to 2 of the 4 terms, credit recovery in TLC).