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3rd Graders Attend Farm Safety at Guthrie County Fairgrounds

On May 7th, Panorama 3rd grade students attended Farm Safety at the Guthrie County Fairgrounds. Students learned about how to be safe on the farm. We watched a short video about PTO (Power Take Off) and then learned about how to be safe around the PTO. Students also learned about Sun Safety and made a bracelet that when worn outside, allows them to know if they need sunscreen or not. In addition to the PTO and Sun Safety, 3rd graders learned about Electricity Safety, Grain Bin Safety, and ATV Safety. We closed out our day with a talk with Sheriff Marty Arganbright. Students really enjoyed their day and learned so much about how to be safe in our agricultural community.
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Middle School Students - Springbrook State Park Trip

Students out to the real classroom—-Springbrook State Park. The middle school students rotated through various interactive lessons with Springbrook staff, volunteers, and teachers. They explored animal adaptations, owl pellets, kayaking, water animal life, hiking and more! Thank you to Springbrook staff (& Mrs. Weidenthaler) for this amazing opportunity for our students!
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Panorama Senior Trip Complete!

With the Senior Trip completed, that means graduation is right around the corner! This group was able to enjoy the best of Chicago: Giordano’s Pizza, a Cubs won over the Cardinals, Millennium Park—the Bean, Navy Pier and making memories with their classmates! “Oh the places you will go!”
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Pre-Algebra Students Perform Bean Bungee Experiments

Bean Bungee
Mrs. Ploeger's Pre-Algebra students conducted experiments in bivariate statistics. Students collected data, analyzed their data, created both a best fit line and a linear regression line to model their data, used their model to extrapolate, and tested their model's prediction.

All to answer the question "How much weight(beans) can the bungee basket hold to get as close to the ground as possible without touching it?"
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