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Panorama Elementary Music News

On Monday, Jan. 21, 2019, a small group of 4th and 5th grade students went to a Noon time Iowa Wild Hockey game and sang "God Bless America" before the game. Something that our High School Choir usually does, but they had other commitments that day. The High School band also played intermittently throughout the game.
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Panorama 2019 Snowcoming Royalty

Snowcoming is a week of giving back to our community who has given us so much! Community members are nominated by students and staff at Panorama for their service to our schools.

The first nominee is Jane Windal. Jane has been a volunteer helper at the Elementary building for over 13 years which translates to roughly over 3,000 hours. She's here every Tuesday with a smile on her face and eager to see the teachers, staff, and students that she helps. Teachers in our building keep Jane busy at "her" copying machine but she still finds time to listen to readers, do small group work, and, occasionally, help with the ongoing puzzle in the library. Jane also writes for The News Gazette about happenings in her community and is anxious to share about events happening at the school too. She spearheads the Memorial Day Poppy Poster contest held each year at the Elementary and donates the award money for all participating 3rd graders. Jane is a great example of using your time to give back to your community and replied that "if they knew how much I loved coming here, they'd probably charge me to come in the door"!

The next nominees are individuals who were instrumental in organizing, serving, and donating items and time to our communities this past summer with through the GIVE program. Jeannie Solorzano and the Bagley Public Library: Jeannie was a vital part in getting the word out about the summer meals program in Bagley. She has a nurturing relationship with many of the young people in Bagley. She welcomes them to the library, providing them with a safe haven to read and get snacks that she purchases herself. Maribee Burnham and the Linden Public Library. Maribee was helpful in encouraging Linden students to come to the park for food and fun. Kim Finnegan and the Panora Public Library. Kim graciously allowed us to use the space behind the library to serve food and play with kids and connect with parents. And, the Panora United Methodist Church for all the donation of snacks to make treat bags for the kids to take home.

The final nominees are Ellen Campbell & Joann Huggins. These two have been helping with our new student sewing club. Teaching students the art of quilting. Leading up to our Day of Service, they came in and learned along side the FCS students how to make cloth diapers for Many Hands for Haiti. They then returned on our Day of Service to continue to help students complete their service projects.

Thank you for all that you do to support our students and staff!

Snowcoming 2019 is brought to you by PHS Student Council
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