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TSA Fall Leadership Conference Held in Ogden

2019-2020 TSA started with a great day for a Fall Leadership Conference in Ogden. The students learned about the three areas of TSA: Leadership, Competition, and Service. They enjoyed participating in problem solving, climbing the rock wall, the zip line, and the ropes courses.
A meeting will be held in October for all students interested in TSA. :) Competitions start in Feb/March.
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The 2019 Homecoming Iron Games

HS StuCo once again organized a volleyball & flag football game to kick off homecoming week! The Court was announced to conclude the evening. Thank you to all the volunteers! Show your Panther Spirit!
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4th Graders Explore Virtual Reality

4th Grade students discovered that geography was not only found in their textbook! Mrs. Heffernan gave the students an opportunity to step into a Virtual Reality expedition that allowed the students to view many breath-taking views to use as a connector to their studies.
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Mrs. Perez’s High School Spanish Students are Working On Communication!

The students are partnering with students in Spain by creating recorded videos of everyday English language. The students in Spain are doing the same but in Spanish. The instructors with exchange videos and have their students decode the messages and prepare questions and feedback.
Pictured: Panorama students communicating what is in their locker and purpose of the items.
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8th Grade Science News

8th grade science students are studying the life cycle of the monarch butterfly from egg to adult. This is part of an Iowa State University study. Students tagged the butterflies they released with a code added to a global data base. Monarchs are migrating to Mexico now.
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MS/HS Advisory focus is one of creating a positive culture.

Student activities provide opportunities to learn more about their peers, and like today, the staff! In Advisory teams, students played a Kahoot where the questions showcased the staff.

Examples: How many staff members were born in Des Moines? How many had a feline as their high school mascot? How many said their mom or dad was their inspiration? What candy bar does the majority of staff like?

Taking time to learn about each other builds a stronger positive connection not only to each other but their school!

Congrats to Ms. Wells and Mr. Helm’s Advisory on winning the Kahoot!!
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