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MS/HS Term 4 Panther R.E.A.D.Y. Award Winners!

MS/HS Term 4 Panther R.E.A.D.Y. Award winners:

*This student always is paying attention in class. She is very helpful to fellow students who ask for help. She problem solves and discusses well with partners. I enjoy her positive attitude always. Congratulations to...Maddy Carstens.

*This next student is one who is ethical and stand up for what is right and fair. She is resilient in the classroom and in the athletic arenas. Teachers and students can count her to do her best and be a role model for us all. Congratulations to …. Ella Waddle.

*This next student is a hard worker who does her best on all her assignments. She is a good person and is a kind and considerate friend. She also sets and attains her goals. She is always the first one to volunteer to help in class, even if the task isn't a fun one. If she sees a classmate struggling, she offers help and support without judgment. She pushes herself to do better than just what's expected. It has been an honor to have her as a student! Congratulations to...Jazmyn Sellers.

*This student is willing to work with all classmates. Recently in a group project she took on an active role in her group's reverse engineering project. She persevered through creating difficult sketches, managing time , and staying focused on the goal through the road bumps that often occur when working in a group. She managed her stress level, completed tasks, and communicated respectfully with others. She is resilient, ethical, and accountable. Congratulations to …. Jasmarie Flanery!

*This student battled bronchitis all spring long but still managed to work very hard in the weight room and on the track. She eventually went on to be a part of 2 medal winning relays at the state track meet! Congratulations to...Lydia Lindstrom!

*This student simply does not take her natural gifts for granted and pushes to excel in every way possible. She has been an inspiration to me and many others. Congratulations to Taylor Raibikis!

*Our next Panther Ready student never gives up even when things were hard to understand. He always tries to make sure things are fair for all students and will call you out if you are not doing or saying what you should. If you listen to him, you will find out he is creative and wants to do a great job. Congratulations to… Seb Petersen!
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Bio Club Takes First Field Trip to Omaha Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears...oh my!
Mrs. King and her Bio Club members took their first annual trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. Bio Club members enjoyed walking in the Amazon jungle, climbing through the highlands of Asian, and trekking around the grasslands of Africa as they explored the zoo. They got hands on experience touching starfish, and got to see the newest member of the zoo - a baby giraffe that was born in April. It was a great day exploring zoo!
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2nd Graders Have a Beach Party!!

It's a beach party! Mrs. Keuning's 2nd graders are enjoying a special last week of learning and fun. Students are using the skills they have learned to research sea creatures, read about such things as sunblock and beach safety, and figure out how much money people are spending at the surf shop.
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3rd Graders Make Posters to Celebrate Memorial Day

Jane Windal, one of our school volunteers, asked 3rd Grade students to make a poster to celebrate Memorial Day and in doing so learned about the symbol of the Poppy that the American Legion uses. Pictured below are Mrs. Blomquist and Mrs. Behrends third grade classes plus 2019 winners of the Poppy Drawing Contest.

First Place, Baylee
Second Place, Marlee
Third Place, Berkley

Great job everyone!!!!
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