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Panorama Elementary Students Enjoy Popcorn Party

Panorama Elementary students have been enjoying a popcorn party this week along with their centers as their library time comes to an end for the school year. Besides the regular centers they could also make origami animals or play People Bingo to see how well they knew their classmates. All books are due back to the library by May 28th! Have a great summer and just keep reading!
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SWCC College Visits Panorama Friday

A very hands on college visit at Panorama Friday. Students got to try a virtual reality painting system, install a crankshaft on an engine, see how an airbag works, and learn about opportunities at SWCC in Creston
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Elementary Students Watch Book Flix Video in Maker Space

Mrs. Tuel and Mrs. Nail's classes watched a Book Flix video in Maker Space about Scaredy Squirrel's adventure in the wild. Scaredy Squirrel felt safe knowing he had a parachute to use to avoid all the dangers outside of his tree. Students made their own parachutes out of decorated coffee filters and pipe cleaners. We then got in a big circle and launched them high in the air to see who's floated the longest. Many more adventures waiting for this project in their own backyard!
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Congratulations High School Senior Trey Cobb

"Trey Cobb presents guidance counselor Chris Webner a check on behalf of Iowa Student Loan. Trey was one of only 30 seniors in our state to demonstrate an understanding of important college planning and financial concepts in assessment provided online by Iowa Student Loan, winning a $2,000 scholarship. In recognition of Panorama's efforts to increase student knowledge of financial literacy and scholarships, Iowa Student Loan has given $250 to Panorama High School."
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Welding 1 & 2 Classes Build Custom Trailer

Students in both Mr. Babcock’s welding 1 and welding 2 constructed a completely custom trailer to haul a heavy scissors lift. The project was displayed and shown Friday May 10 at the Iowa Industrial Tech Expo at Southeast Polk Schools where Panorama FFA placed 1st in the ‘outdoor fabrication advanced group project’ category. Panorama is very proud of the abilities and fabrication these students can do. A special thanks to Mr. Kenny White for his instruction on this project. Great job Panthers!!
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