Panorama Community Schools


The Student Council provides for student activities, serves as a training experience for student leaders, gives students a share in the management of the school, develops high ideals of personal conduct, acts as a clearinghouse for student activities, seeks to interest students in school district affairs and helps solve problems that may arise.  Members of the council are student representatives who have direct access to the administration.  Student Council is considered an extracurricular activity.  All members, whether elected or volunteer, are subject to the Student Good Conduct Policy.

Student Council members:  

  • Senior RepresentativesBrooklyn Behrends (co-vice president), Trey Cobb (recorder), Morgan Johnk (president), Jaelyn Waddle (co-vice president)
  • Junior Representatives:  Abigail Brown, Payton Douglass, Molly Simmons, Chloe Webster
  • Sophomore Representatives: Isaac Jarnagin, Emma Johnston, Gwen Steffen, Ella Waddle
  • Freshmen Representatives: Abbi Holloway, Angel Poldberg, Laci Rishel, Carley VanGundy
  • Advisor: Mrs. Kylee Boettcher
StuCo sponsored events:

Volunteer Opportunity:  

Panorama HS Service Learning Program (see Mrs. Clouser for more details)