Teaching Resources

ASLA - Green Roof Project - Lesson plans - Differentiated for K-12 grade levels.
Digital Tools
Nearpod - Choose "Create a Teacher Account"
YouTube Chop - Cut a YouTube video
GE Teach - Tool to compare maps
  • Helpful Tips:

    ~~Press Select Map in bottom right to see the different maps that can be applied (Explore Physical & Human Geography buttons)

    ~~Press Layers in bottom left to see what other options, information or map layers are available for each map (there is some amazing information available under this button). 

    ~~Press Map Canvas 1 or Map Canvas 2 in top left to synchronize or unsynchronize the maps.

    ~~There are drawing, labeling and elevation tools to explore. 

    ~~Be patient--sometimes the maps take a moment to load all of the information. 

Research Tools
Digital Citizenship
Panorama Training Resources
Destiny Library Program
AEA Online Databases