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Panorama Panthers 4th Grade

Lakeshore Family Dentistry came and visited with the 4th Graders today. Dr. Spray covered flossing, brushing, and other dental health practices.

Panorama Panthers Elementary Citizen of the Week

February 24, 2017
Citizen of the Week

This week’s Citizen of the Week is one of a kind. She is full of confidence, and is always striving to do her best. She is a leader both in and outside of the classroom, and is always looking to help or fix any situations that arise. She is a great friend to all, and constantly puts their needs before her own. She may be new to the building this year, but an outsider would never know it by the way she interacts with everyone.

This week’s Citizen of the Week is………..

Hannah Hardisty

We would also like to thank the Panorama Booster Club for providing t-shirts for our Citizens of the Week.

Panorama Panthers Individual Speech

Individual speech is THIS Saturday at Adel (ADM High School)! The schedule is below.
8:00 Hannah Woodworth Original Oratory 3
8:08 Jensen Wilke Poetry 2
8:27 Dylan Mattox Improvisation 9
8:30 Lucas Gremler Spontaneous Speaking 4
8:35 Maggie Smith Solo Musical Theater 14
8:40 Lexi VanWinkle Prose 10
8:49 Sam Webster Storytelling 13
8:49 Jenna Bauch Solo Musical Theater 14
9:00 Jamy Randol Literary Program 4
9:46 Bryant Thompson After Dinner Speaking 3
9:58 Chloe Webster Solo Musical Theater 13
10:06 Jacob Holwegner Improvisation 9
10:20 Olivia Terrell Literary Program 2
10:28 Cassie Labath Prose 10
10:30 Quinten Pote Solo Musical Theater 13
11:07 Josh Carstens Improvisation 9
12:06/12:36 Olivia Terrell Radio News 7
12:23 Maggie Woodvine Poetry 1
12:30 Jensen Wilke Acting 6
12:31 Josie Arganbright Prose 1
12:34/1:04 Mark Arganbright Radio News 7
12:50 Willow Sword Acting 6
1:00 Maggie Smith Lit Program 2
1:39 Kordell Gafkjen Storytelling 8
2:10 Lucas Gremler Expository Address 11
2:25 Jenna Bauch Acting 6
2:40 Taylor Raibikis Public Address 5
2:51 Madison Livesay Solo Musical Theater 14
3:30 Krista Smith Public Address 5

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