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This is my 11th year teaching agriculture to high school students and advising FFA members in career developing activities. In my spare time I enjoy aiding in farming practices, camping, hunting, fishing, and spending time with my wife and son.

Things that I spend time pondering:
Why do 24 hour gas stations have locks on their doors?
If I could invent a tire that only goes flat on the bottom, would I solve some of the most common commute problems?
Where do pigeons come from if I've never seen a baby one perched on a building?
If Spanish Moss is neither Spanish, nor moss, what is it?
How do I know the same color of blue I see is the same color you see?
Golden question- what comes first, experience or the career? And this is the reason I choose to teach. I believe students need experiences to help them gain career skills to get jobs that lead to great careers.