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We just finished our Introduction of a Speaker speeches!!  Everyone got up and did a great job.  Hopefully we'll see some of the students in speech in high school.
Follow this url to see a few of the speeches they gave: 
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Recent Posts

Lang. Arts Work for 12/17/18

HI WS 78.  
Do WS 32 (A & B) & 33 (A)
Check vocab. WS. 
Rewrite speech on cards and practice.
Speeches will be given on Tues. & Wed.
Pronoun/punct. & vocab. test on Thurs.

work for 12/14/18


-HI DLR Wk 13 D1-4.  

-Ck WS 77.  Assign WS78

FAST Testing

Work on speech and study vocab.

Will give speeches on Tues. & Wed.

Pronoun/punct. & vocab. test on Thurs.

Work for 12/07/18


Ck DLR Wk 12 D4.

-Correct WS 29 & assign WS 28 A-B

-Write a quick paragraph in your journal using one of each of the 4 types of pronouns we have discussed.  Underline each and label.

-Model writing the intro. for speech.  Look at your notes in journal and your worksheets for the things that go in your intro.

-Assign. Write a rough intro. on a piece of paper not your journal.

Sorry I forgot to put homework in this week!!!

work for 11/13/18


Ck DLR Wk 10 D1.  Assign D2

-Do Extreme vocab. Wk 4 D1  ( grade)

-MMpp 66-67  Read Extreme Sports article

    (WB 12-13)  Give WS & do in Partners.)

-Read IDR & take notes.  IDR 1 is due Wed.

Work for 11/12/18

Assign. DLR Wk 10 D1.

- finish Advertising essay on Google classroom & turn in.

-HI “Before Reading” WS

-Read IDR and take notes on WS.  The IDR-WS will be due on Wed.

Work for 11/05/18

--Ck DLR Wk 9 D4 & HI D1-4.  No DLR this week.

--Ck WS 20 A & B.  Assign 21 A & B +2 more nouns.

-Handed back WS 2.  Cut out noun clues and glue in journal with noun notes.

-Students read pp.38-48 & take notes

Work on book review corrections- due tomorrow.

Work for 10/31/18


-Ck DLR Wk 9 D2.  Assign DLR Wk 9 D3

-Ck WS 2 Nouns Evens HI

-Go to student center and get a biography.  Read a few pages and see if it is ok for you.

-HB book reviews and make corrections with checking pen for every green mark on your final draft.

Work for 10/26/18


-Ck DLR Wk 8 D4 and HI all of Wk 8.

-Get a partner and show the other the 3 ads you found and what they appeal to (p22 yesterday’s reading.)

-Do Vocab. Wk 3 D3 for Monday.

Work on 10/25/18

Lang. Arts work for 10/25/18

-DLR Wk 8 D3.  

-Assign Wk 8 D4

- student reads pp. 11-23. Write notes on quiz and hand in.

Power of Advertising Activity

  1. In your journal start a new entry- “ 10/25  Looking at Ads”
  2. Grab a magazine and find three ads, cut them out, and paste in your journal. (You may have to use more than one page in your journal.)
  3. Study the ad and use p. 22 from Power of Advertising and write down what the ad is trying to appeal to. You may have more than one appeal.

Work on 10/22/18


-Assign. DLR Wk 8 D1

-Correct WS 16-18  and handed in.

-Read Power of Advertising  pp. 3-5

-Get notes from someone for your journal.

Work on 10/19/18


-Ck & HI DLR Wk 7 D4.

-Finish typing and print book review. HI-rubric, IDRs, review final & rough draft.

--Read article-Belfast Zoo’s elephant in backyard WW2-Write 3 similarities & 3 differences venn diagram between the book and article in your journal. Due on Tues.


Work on 10/17/18


-Check DLR wk 7 D2.  Do D3.

-Ck WS 15.  Do WS 16-18 due on Mon.  Use notes in journal.

-Handed back quizzes and discussed.

-Type book review. Due on Friday

Work for 10/16/18

-Checked DLR wk 7 d1.   Do day 2.
-Corrected WS 14. Discussed run-on sentences.  Do WS 15 A & B.
-Had a partner read review paragraphs 1 & 5.
-Started typing review if all 5 paragraphs were written.

Work for 10/15/18


-DLR Wk 7 D1

-Discuss fragments.  Assign. WS 13 with partners.

-Read paragraph 4 and look for fragments.\

-Discuss run-ons & do WS 14 A & B for Tues.

-Discuss book review paragraphs 1 & 5.  Work on.

work for 10/12/18

Read paragraph 3 to a peer.  Discuss paragraph 4 and do for Mon.
Take part 2 of Elephant in the Garden test.
Finish plot structure map and hand in.
Book review will be due next Friday.