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 I have lived in the area and graduated from Bayard High School.  After attending Iowa State University, I started teaching at Panorama MS/HS in 1990.  Currently I teach 6th grade language arts & 6th and 8th grade Panther Time. My husband is Lynn and I have one son, Collin.
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Recent Posts

Work for 03/13/20


-Ck DLR W23 D4.  HI DLR 23 D1-4 & sum sheet.

-Discuss WS 6 Sect. A

-Take vocab quiz.

-Book club- finish filling in elements of their mysteries.

-Go over mystery analysis details.

-Start jotting down ideas for each of the 5  paragraphs for your analysis

Assign---Have ideas for all 5 paragraphs.

Book should be finished and mystery analysis is due 3/20/20

Work for 03/10/20


-Check DLR W23 D1 

-Assign.DLR W23 Day2 due on Wed.

-Go over WS 2 together.  

-Assign WS 3 “Down Under”

-Tell a partner what has happened in the play for scenes 1 & 2.

-Have students read scenes 3 & 4 silently. Highlight details that describe what characters are like. 

-Assign DLR W23 D2

        Read IDR and journal

         WS 3 Sect. A & B   

Work for 03/09/20


-HO DLR W23 D1

--Go over simple and compound sub/pred

-Do WS 2 Sect. A with partner

-Book club 15min. Fill in WS and hand in.

- discuss vocab. W13 D3

-Tell partner what you learned in scene 1.

-I read scene 2. Students highlight evidence that supports character traits.

-Read IDR book and journal. (The whole book should be read by Friday.)

Work for 03/06/20


-Ck DLR W22 D4

-Go over WS 1 odd#.

-Go over simple and compound sub/pred

-Do WS 2 Sect. A with partner

-Go over poem test

-Read The Bad Room Scene 1 together with parts.

-I read scene 1 while students highlight things a chara. says or does that tells their traits.

-Read IDR and journal.  This is the last weekend to catch up if you have gotten behind.  Your book should be finished next Thurs., the 12th.

Work for 03/05/20


-HI DLR W22 D3 (grade) Do D4.

-HB verb pkt and put in portfolio

-Review sub/verb and do WS 1

-Go over vocab W13 D1

-Discuss play vs. story MM270-72

-Give ?’s for test next week

     Diff/Sim of play & story?

     What’s the theme & 3 pieces of evidence?

     Tell how one character changes?

-6-2 HI journals

-Read IDR and journal

Work for 03/04/20


-Ck DLR W22 D2 & do D3 (1 & 2 have 4 mistakes in each.)

-Take poetry/inferencing quiz and HI

-Vocab. W13 D1 “The Bad Room”

-REad IDR and journal.

Work for 02/27/20


-Ck DLR W21 D3 & do D4

-Make corrections in red to WS 50-51(circle tense clue and underline main verb twice) and hand in.

Finish Mother To Son journal entry.

-Discuss theme and Elephant in the Garden… (254-55)

-Read “A Tea” (256-58)

-do double-entry organizer in journal.  Make sure you have 3 lines and their inferences.

 Read IDR day 8 & journal.

Work for 02/26/20


-Ck DLR W21 D2 and assign D3.

-HI WS 50-51

-Read poem” Mother to Son” (250-52)

-Do double entry as class in journal.

-Review vocab W11 D1 & 3

-Read IDR for day 7 and journal.

Work for 2/25/20


-Ck DLR W21 D1 and   do D2.

-WS 50-51 due tomorrow!

Finish compare/contrast paragraph of poems.

-Vocab. ReviewW11 D1 words 

-Discuss W11 D3 words-adversity, counsel, grit (WS)

-Read IDR day 6 & journal

work for 02/24/20


-Ck DLR W20 D4.  HI D1-4 & sum sheet

-Do DLR W21 D1

-Book club (10 min) if days 1-4 read and journaled

-Model writing  a compare/contrast para. Of Langston Hughes’s two poems. (pp248-9)

-Write a paragraph comparing 2 poems in your journal. Use one likeness and one difference.

-Assign- WS 50-51 due on Wed.

-Read IDR day5 and journal

02/20/20 Work


-Ck DLR W20 D3  & do D4.

-REview verbs and WS 49

-Read poem and do as choral reading.

work for 2/12/20


-Do WS48 sect B together.

-Partners do sect A. Go over on Thurs.

-Review vocab. 13-18 

-Discuss Ch. 22-23

-REad aloud Ch. 24.

-Study vocab for quiz tomorrow.

Work for 2/13/20


-Finish reading Ch 24 (p248) and discuss.

-Take Ch 13-18 Vocab Quiz

-Explain Detective’s Organizer and tell students to start when done with vocab. Quiz.When everyone is done, put in groups of 3 and fill out organizer.

Chasing Vermeer test will be tomorrow.  Reread Ch 24 and any chapter that you want.

-choose your next mystery and hand in.

Work for 2/11/20


--Review subject verb agreement Do WS 47 together.

-Check Ch 13-18 vocab crossword.  These are your words for your vocab. Quiz on Thurs.

-Discuss Ch. 20-21.

-Read Ch. 22-23 & fill in journal.

-Study vocab for test on Thurs.

work for 02/10/20


-Go through Ch. 15-16 &17-18 vocab. & discussed Ch. 15-18 quiz.

-Do Ch. 13-18 crossword. These will be your vocab. Words for your test on Thurs.

-Read aloud Ch. 19 & discuss.

-Read Ch. 20-21 & fill in journal.