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Computer Programming Value & Activities

Understand Importance of Computer Programming Skills, Personalized Exploration of Computer Science, and Initiate Your Own Skills Building using these free online resources:

"According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million new computer science jobs. However, between current professionals and university students, we will only have 400,000 computer scientists trained to fill those roles." - Edutopia online article, Computer Science: The Future of Education, Alison Derbenwick Miller, August 22, 2014
Careers and personal lives involve computer programming created by others, so the college majors and certifications related to computer programming are hugely valuable. PHS offers one programming related course, Intro to Engineering and Design, with Mrs. Ploeger for DMACC credit. Combining a programming education with any other interest you have is highly encouraged!
  1. (Grades 6 - 9) What most schools don"t teach - 5:43 video from Don't Fail Idaho
    1. watch and discuss as group
      1. Any surprises? What would be ideal for Panorama to do with coding? What could students do independently today? Would you like to take Mr. Crannell's introductory computer programming course during HS?
  2. (Grade 10) Why Programming is a The Core Skill of the 21st Century: its never been easier, more accessible, or more essential to learn coding skills - Readwrite online artice, Lauren Orsinimay, 2013
    1. read and discuss article as a group
      1. How might any job be helped if the professionals doing the work had coding skills?
    2. search "How coding helps my life?", or something like that, and see how many people are sharing the ways their lives are better as they learn how to write computer code. My Google search found "About 487,000,000 results (0.53 seconds)" on 01/29/2016 for that question.
      1. If you had coding skills, what would you want to create to help you more enjoy your life? What would you want to create to help someone else's life?
  3. (Grade 11) Genesee Community College - interest inventory survey for technology related careers; 45 True False questions with immediate grouped comparison results
    1. research the occupational/professional area(s) it gives you as the strongest match using the internet
  4. (Grade 12) LLC - online aptitude test for free in 30 minutes or less, give it a go and see what feedback you are given
    1. explore the info it gives you using the internet; give consideration to possible self-directed learnings, college courses, & career related initiatives - share your possibilities with your group & get ideas from them too
  5. Any Grade Level or Age - 
    1. * 2017; Google Effort to Help Independent Learners Build Computer Programming Skills, free resources and courses like this Intro to Computer Science for beginners ( ) are listed per skill item at -
    2. - past PHS graduates have used and recommend it
    3. Khan Academy teaches Java Script to write programs for drawings, animations, and games (Khan 2 min. video describe