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9th Graders - Did you know?

Freshmen -  Meet with Mr. Webner...
Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a gazelle or a lion; when the sun comes up, you better be running. (Thomas Friedman's, The World is Flat, reference by
Compare and contrast these videos
  1. What does "Shift Happens" mean?
  2. What statistic(s) shared in the video(s) had an impact on your thinking?
  3. Why would knowing about the societies of India and China be of importance to us?
  4. What message does the video creator(s) seem to be conveying?
Using index card, write a fact that impresses you each 60 seconds for 2007 video, then look for comparison update on that fact when watching more current  video - write down the update for the fact you choose, then if time allows, repeat process for the 2028 video - 
  • Shift Happens - original "Did you know?" video posted Feb. 2007, 6min:07sec, 
    • What does it all mean?Think of yourselves as...
      • becoming experts in areas that interest you,
      • heads up thinking, "Why not me?" when opportunities arise,
      • taking advantage of new technologies & trends that arise.
    • You, Class of 2021, were born near the time this video was first uploaded to YouTube. It was the result of some school administrators at Colorado's Arapahoe High School putting together a powerpoint to show how the world is changing and to start a discussion in their school about how to help students. Their powerpoint became a video and Did you know?/Shift Happens became a theme. The video as been updated and adjusted by many since in an effort to keep Americans informed about our changing world.  This pages lists a few of these videos to compare and get a sense of the rate and types of changes happening.
    • Did you know?/Shift happens, 2014 remix, 4min:58sec
    • Did you know? - uploaded to YouTube Sept. 2017 4m:58sec
    • DId you know? - uploaded to YouTube Sept. 2018 4min
    • Did you know 2028, 3min:16sec, projections by futurists, you will be about 26 years old
Did you know...
9th Grade of high school is most influential on being accepted into college and obtaining scholarships to attend college?
2013 - 3.068
2014 - 3.160
2015 - 3.631 
2016 - 3.000
2017 - 3.300
2018 - 3.335
2019 - 3.480
  • Since 2013, 9-out-of-10 Panorama graduates have earned college credit while in high school 
  • More college courses are in PHS building for 2018-19 than ever before
If you show your teachers you care about your education, you will be performing Soft Skills? 
Great attendance - go to class & be on time
Pay attention to the teacher, ask questions after you hear what they have to say
Cooperate with the teacher & other students - getting work done on time & staying out of discipline issues
Do the extra things: take advantage of re-testing, re-doing/correcting work, & handing in extra credit opportunities
Irregardless of the technology of the time period, most of the skills that will help you throughout your life are soft skills
  • communication (writing & speaking)
  • teamwork & collaboration
  • adaptability
  • problem solving
  • analyzing (interpret information/data)
  • persuasion, negotiating, resolving conflicts
Soft skills are often best learned through experiences away from our classrooms - try as many of these as possible when a Frosh. & Soph., then hang on to those you think best for you when a Jr. & Sr. (hopefully college too for many of you)
Extra-Curricular Activities through School - learning how to be a good teammate, execute your job, face adversity, meet new people (officials & opposing players), communicate effectively
Memberships and Service Participation through Community - volunteering allows you to show you care about people & causes, just like the people you hope support you and give you opportunities
Part-Time Work Experience - nearly all of us need to have work experience in order show we can be good workers
"We are living in The Experience Age, the Information Age has passed" - do you agree? Are you experiencing?
  • Many careers now involve social media, and so colleges' majors are including social media use (creation & analytics) in existing majors (journalism, marketing, public relations, and computer programming) and new majors are also being added (Newsweek: You Can Major In Social Media?, June 30, 2016
    • Facebook’s 1.6 billion users are down 21 percent, 
    • Snapchat also ranks as the most popular social media site among teenagers and young adults in the United State
    • Snapchat encourages users to NOT hoard messages (information), and instead to "live in the now": Sent a message 64%, Sent a photo 54%, Added a friend 45%, Sent a video 39%, Created or viewed a story 37%
The best time to plan for your retirement = in high $chool? YE$, learn how to build wealth!
1) Understand there is a difference between saving money and investing money.
2) Take advantage of compounding interest!
3) Start investing early.
4) Do not buy things you cannot afford.
5) Use credit cards responsibly (credit card companies get rich by customers paying them compounding interest).
6) Buy assets, not liabilities.
7) Make yourself a budget and stick to it.
Most of us do not practice the 7 things listed above:
  • 78% of Americans with full-time jobs reported having to live paycheck-to-paycheck*.
  • Even 10% of those making $100,000 per year reported living paycheck-to-paycheck*.  
  • 56% reported being in more debt than they know how to face. 
  • PHS Students - do you remember how many business courses you are required to take compared to English, Math, Science, Social Studies & PE?
    • You can do so much better than face uncomfortable money issues that are common stress and tension for so many!
    • Here is U of Illinois webpage helping us understand how continual small savings put into an growing investment can become a large sum of wealth ( you can use the tool on this page to play and see different "What IF" scenarios; "What would happen if I put $10 or $100 per week in for 10 or 40 years at got 5% or 10% interest on that investment?"
*Paycheck-to-paycheck means having less than one month's salary in savings to cover regular living expenses, so if you cannot have one paycheck, you are unable to pay for life's essentials (home, clothing, food, & transportation).
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