Panorama Community Schools

Math Matters

  • Raise your awareness of importance of math given these artifacts
  • Reflect on your math experiences and progress towards state's goal for all students to complete core math skills (Panorama has identified as Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2)
    • Beyond Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 - Panorama delivers 
      • DMACC Applied Math/MAT772, 
      • Trigonometry, 
      • Elementary Functions (Graceland U's MATH1330), 
      • Calculus (Westerrn Iowa Tech Community College MAT211), 
      • DMACC independent online courses 
        • Math for Liberal Arts/MAT110, 
        • Finite Math/MAT141, 
        • Statistics/MAT157), 
      • For students struggling to complete Geometry &/or Algebra 2 we use online software in our alternative room to help students increase their math skills and earn credits to graduate.
    • What math goals do you have for yourself? Please share with your adviser.  
      • IF you are not sure, please let your adviser know, speak with your most recent math teacher or Mr. Webner.
  • Other Math Links, University of Iowa webpage
  • ACT identifies math skills per score range
  • U.S. Students Improving - slowly - in math & science, but still lagging internationally, PEW Institute, February, 2015
  • Importance of Math in Businessby Carol Deeb, Demand Media,,