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RESUME creation

RESUME creation
Purpose - a resume is created, primarily by Panorama HS Seniors, as an artifact to give 2-3 people (school staff, volunteer supervisor, employer) when asking for a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are routinely included with local scholarship applications. Both the resume and letters of recommendation are also used by seniors as a reference when completing job and scholarship applications.
In grades 6-11 we annually take time to assess and document our professional qualifications (skills, knowledge, experiences using below sections A, B, C) and in grades 9-11 we also practice writing action statements (Section D). These two skills then make the resume writing, essay writing, and application completion much easier and less time consuming in the busy senior year. 
A) Understand; The Purpose of a Job Resume is to get an employer to give you an interview for a job, or scholarship provider wanting to support you based on your accomplishments.  The Purpose of a Panorama Senior Resume (also called a Senior Profile) is to help you obtain letters of recommendation senior year (present to person you would like to write you a letter for them to reference), to include your resume with local scholarship applications, and to use for seeking employment following HS graduation.
B) Look over resumes (bottom of page pdf link) others have created to understand different audiences want resumes suited to their purpose. 
  • Activity Gr. 10; Compare & Contrast 2 Resumes (examples are a teacher's resume then will look different than a computer programmer's resume), then Brainstorm in writing your experiences, achievements, and skills under the potential resume section headings provided [Resume Preview & Personal Brainstorm Activity] 
  • High school students give resumes to supervisors when asking them to write the student a letter of recommendation, will include their resume with their senior scholarship applications, and may include the resume with job applications.
    • Students need resumes that convey they are good learners, ambitious, and willing to work.  These resumes are largely read by local people who belong to community groups deciding who to give scholarship money to and who they do not want to share their money. 
    • Brainstorm your resume content: List the PHS Courses, Extra-Curricular Activities, Part-Time Jobs, & Volunteer Experiences have you had that will contribute to your growth in relation to the future occupation or career. Make note (written &/or highlighted) of these on/within your Adviser file.
C) Grade 11; Read Up & Write Up a Resume Rough Draft - link is the activity with: below outline, article, form to include your information to serve as rough draft of a resume, also called a Senior Profile
  1. Jigsaw readings on resumes (if there are 2 people in group, each person reads over one of these articles and then shares main ideas and strategies with the over person)
    1. Read, "Resume Skills For High School Students",,
    2. Read over the Minnesota State Career Education's, "What to Put in a Resume" webpage
  2. Brainstorm and write down your contact information, skills, experiences, accomplishments 
  3. Sort the brainstormed list into the resume sections that promote you:
    1. Contact Information - Name, address, phone numbers, email, twitter, facebook, hudl
      1. Expect resume reader to look you up online, so avoid inappropriate content or slang with your contacts & postings
    2. Objective &/or Summary Statement - often seniors list their short term plans after graduation and their long term life goals
    3. Education section - name and location of degree or training, also list in chronological order, most often in addition to seniors projecting their Panorama graduation in May they will list certificates earned from specific training, and college coursework completed including courses that will be finished in the spring.
      1. Consider including in education section (or in a skills section): certificates associated with skills performed, completed courses important to goals of the students, college courses successfully taken during high school, share GPA if it is great: 3.0 or better, super great ACT score (28 ACT Composite Score puts you in top 90th percentile)
    4. Work Experience - summer or part-time jobs, skills you have from working in family business
      1. Employment History - on one line: Work title first, Employer Title and location second, then share dates of employment, then following lines have bullet action statements that summarize responsibilities and achievements. List most recent job first, then following in chronological order any other jobs.
    5. Memberships  - community and school extra-curricular clubs and teams
      1. Volunteering may be a section of your resume if you have done volunteering through a number of different organizations
    6. Accolades - awards such as blue or purple ribbon at state fair, making school honor roll, winning conference - district - or - state competition, captain, president, treasurer type positions of an organization
    7. Skills - describe your personal skill set, be honest about skills you are able to perform, such as:
      1. ability to speak to an audience, write - read -speak Spanish, set up data bases, spreadsheets, or graphics using computer software (mention the specific application by name), use a graphic calculator, write a theatrical script, teach athletic skills or weightlifting technique, drive a manual transmission, operate farming or construction equipment and power tools, be a productive team member, 
    8. Which article include this well respected advice about resume content, "Avoid mentioning religious, political, or controversial affiliations unless they directly relate to the job you want."?
D) Describe the experiences within your resume using bullet action statements; no periods needed
What is Purpose of Action Statements?
"The use of well-chosen action verb statements is a proven, highly effective resume writing technique." When describing our abilities we can use brief statements to catch a readers attention. These statements often describe our actions when we are working. Students display many work behaviors that can be described with action verb statements. Students could also describe their performances while participating in activities such as sports, music, home chores, or work in the family business.   Action Statements typically begin with a verb, are not complete sentences, and are used as bullet statements on resumes.
These college career placement webpages have good action verb statement examples and descriptions. Look each page over before writing action statements for yourself: 
Arizona State refers to Action Verb Statements as "Accomplishment Statements", share how to improve simple statements into impressive statements, and shares verbs that can be used to start your statements -
DMACC more specifically targets three things to highlight with Action Verb Statements: 1) what you learned or accomplished through the experience, 2) what difference you made to the employer and 3) what skills the prospective employer is seeking -
Practice Writing Action Verb Statements 
Select an experience you have recently had (like a part-time job, volunteer activity, or project you completed for school), then write 3 action statements to expand upon that experience. 
Experience Chosen _____________________________
1st Bullet Action Verb Statement - 
2nd Bullet Action Verb Statement
3rd Bullet Action Verb Statement
  1. Give your resume to those who have supervised you (bosses, teachers, principal, guidance counselor, coach, volunteer supervisor) and ask them to write you a general letter of recommendation to include with your local scholarship applications.
  2. Try to have the content and appearance of your resume be unique and avoid looking same as your classmates.
  3. Notes on Resume's Introductory Goal Statement, Resume Objective, & Personal Statement for Panorama HS Seniors -
    1. An introductory goal, or objective, statement is traditionally a labeled sentence saying what the person hopes to obtain (job, internship, program acceptance, specific scholarship). For Panorama seniors, most often the goal is to obtain scholarships and part-time employment related to career goal and financing college. 
  • 1st option instead of an objective statement is a qualifications summary on the resume.
  • A qualifications summary is 3-5 sentences describing your abilities without using the words "I" nor "My".
  • HS students may transform the qualification summary to state their interests, goals, life mission, characteristics, and/or career training aspirations
  • 2nd option, instead of an objective statement under your contact information, provide a second sheet for that qualifications summary. 
  • More recently, resumes are omitting the objective statement. 
  • Many job and committee application readers have shared they like the resume to be 1 page and the qualification statement (also referred to as a personal statement) to be 1 paragraph. 
  • More scarce, but still relevant, are those Panorama seniors who have an abundance of experiences and activities they want to account for readers, that cannot be reasonably listed on just 1 page, so they opt to have an additional sheet titled "Activities" which lists activities from their high school years instead of including on the resume.
  • Resume Writing Aides -
    • Grade 12 Intro Resume Writing tutorial "Resume Grading & Creating" - steps of lesson plan CWebner has done through senior courses in past years, includes comparing poorly constructed resumes & great resumes, resume rubrics, action statement rubric, and action word list.
    • U.S. Military has a step-by-step resume builder tool that is easy to use & allows you to select many appearance templates:
    • Purdue University's OWL Online Writing Lab; Overview of Resume
      • Purdue's sample resumes may be best to look at some examples. For each of the 4 sample types (skills, chronological, functional, interactive ) click each, then "Media File: " in at top of page in orange box so you can view it
      • HS Work experience on the resume shows scholarship providers your sincerity to pay for college, but many students do not have work experience, so..."In addition to the basic sections, you may also want to include other optional sections to provide a more accurate idea of your skills, achievements, education, etc. These can include the following:

        • Computer skills 

        • Honors & awards (NHS, state speech rating, state track participation, etc.)

        • Scholastic Expertise (Panorama students have presented their college level calculus, welding, diesel mechanics, and nursing education during HS)
        • Certifications (babysitting, boating operation, hunter safety, etc.)
        • Volunteer experience
        • Hobbies & interests
        • Foreign travel
        • Memberships (4H, FFA, sports league, chess club, church group, etc.).