$ Local Scholarships

Scholarships emailed to Guidance Counselor in turn shared with seniors' school gmail ($-2019-20-scholarship-share)
All Seniors Encouraged to Apply for these local scholarship awards
  • Most of these Scholarships are for current high school students only.
  • Typing on pdf applications is possible using this online tool allowing for "editing" a pdf file - http://www.pdfescape.com/open/
  • UPDATE: Senior Awards Night is May’s third Wednesday this school year (May 13, 2020, 6-7pm), great time to take pictures of our seniors receiving awards, then local Baccalaureate ceremony follows, roughly 7:15-8:30pm
    • Families please share awards you would like your senior to be recognized for receiving; send awarding organization name, award title, and award amount (we can create certificate for presentation) to chris.webner@panorama.k12.ia.us & call his cell phone 641-757-1916 to verify
  • Seniors; Remember to share a Resume with those 2 or 3 people you choose to ask for their writing general  letter of recommendation for you, then include those recommendations & resume with all local applications on this webpage (unless otherwise stated).
Community Award Providers
  • we are trying to make all applications digitally accessible & may reproduce a paper form you share with us. Please share updates you need with us.
  • SCHOLARSHIP PROVIDERS are encouraged to present their awards but school can do this if you need assistance.
  • PLEASE CONTACT chris.webner@panorama.k12.ia.us & call his cell phone 641-757-1916 to verify school is sharing updated information (award name, student directions for applying, award amount, award recipient, method of money disbursement) 
Open only to Panorama graduates, Shared through senior PHS email 12/04/2019 as a google/doc; 
Consider applying with these directions, BurchfieldTrustLoanApDue06172016 pdf file at bottom of this page & web link above as google file, provided through Bump & Bump Law Firm for loan to help pay for college expenses. Must contact Bump & Bump Law for application details each year; 755-2131. Cost and 3 month grace period after college graduation, or end of college coursework, is fantastic when compared to governmental and private college loans. Bump Law mails information to families in February and May.



1. "Mr. J" Scholarship in honor of Principal Mark Johnston - 
The amount and number of seniors awarded for this scholarship will vary annually, return this linked "Mr. J" Scholarship Application to the guidance office by May 4.


Panora Telco has made 4 scholarships available to local students. In order to apply for these scholarships, your parent(s) must be a current customer of Panora Telco). Visit http://panoratelco.com/about/community/ to access the eligibility requirements, rules and applications.


2) Panora Telco ScholarshipPanora Telco will award two (2) students from the Panorama 2019 graduating class with a $500 scholarship. Submit this application along with your essay, Educator’s Form, and transcript no later than 12 noon on Friday, April 17, 2020, to the Panorama High School Counselor’s Office http://panoratelco.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/pan_ScholarshipApp_2020_form.pdf
3) Iowa Communications Alliance ScholarshipsApplication deadline is March 11, 2020.
Traditional Scholarship - The Iowa Communications Alliance is offering one (1) $1,500 per year (up to four
years) college scholarship to help a high school senior pursue higher education.
Next Gen Scholars Program - Network Technology/Telecom Data Communications Program
For students interested in this field, please visit https://www.iacommunicationsall.org/scholarships
for details and application.
4) Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) ScholarshipApplication deadline is March 6, 2020 using https://www.ntca.org/sites/default/files/documents/2019-11/frs_2020scholarshipapp_FINAL.pdf
The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) offers several scholarship opportunities to high school seniors who
have been accepted to an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school. In
2019, they will be awarding $125,000 in scholarships in honor of the Foundation’s 25th anniversary.
5) Aureon ScholarshipApplication deadline is Midnight on March 1, 2020 using https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NJ6DRVB.
Aureon awards scholarships ranging between $1,000 and $3,000 to students who have outstanding
achievement records and are pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
Directions below also shared with seniors through school gmail 12/04/2019
      • $500 will be awarded (a maximum of 4 times) at awards night along with directions for receiving future funds, submit letter of intent & resume style personal profile sheet to guidance office following these criteria used to determine award recipient:
      • Participation in individual &/or large group speech contests should be included on personal profile sheet (will be verified by school)
      • Enrollment in college with intent of completing a 4 year program (college plan statement should also be included on student profile sheet)
      • Typed letter of intent; minimum of 250 words, indicating course of study and how plans include the art of communication
      • Criteria for award in 4 areas: participation, attitude, letter of intent, GPA
      • Due Date May 1st or as arranged with Mrs. Arganbright (any interested student should be in communication with Speech Coach Deb Arganbright).
      • Guthrie County State Bank will present award to recipient at Senior Awards Night
8. Guthrie County Republican Party Sponsoring 2 Scholarships:
Guthrie County Republican Central Committee Scholarship and The Doyle G. Beeber Scholarship each use the same application, due April 25, 2020 .
$250 for two Guthrie County HS graduates planning to attend college with at least a 2-year course, "Please have student who apply complete the application and write an essay on "What it Means to be a Republican"... Award Directions specify 1) Send in ap with 250-500 word essay, 2) Must be Guthrie Co. resident, but your HS doesn't need to be in Guthrie Co., 3) College/Vocational school you plan to attend must offer at least a 2 yr course, 4) Scholarship will be announced at awards or graduation ceremony to two winners, 5) $250 check will be handed to winners at December meeting, 2018. Winner, or parent, must attend their meeting to accept money, 6) Mail application & essay to Myrna Beeber, 3180 165th St., Yale, IA 50277, or email to IowaGram@regan.com, 7) Include photo/graduation picture of yourself which can be used for publicity should you win, 8) Due by noon April 25, 2020.  Please see and use the  letter and application they mailed PHS here  (Mrs. Beeber accepting applications in mail or email).
9. PANORAMA BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION: Panorama seniors & parents - one $1,000, award and one $500 award are available from the Panorama Booster Club website; http://www.panoramaboosterclub.org/.  Download the application at this link from the booster webpage. The applications are due April 15. Contact chaillecrandall@yahoo.com with any questions. Only applications that follow the directions state on the attached download will be accepted (applications that are shared by guidance office in paper copy will not be accepted as in past years). 
10. Guthrie County REC (Rural Electric Company)
Three $1,000 for member or those who will become educated through power line program to become line worker. 
Membership in the cooperative is the first criteria. The applicant’s parent or legal guardian must be a member of Guthrie County REC.  The applicant must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school.
Friday, April 3, 2020 deadline, download description of this award at the Guthrie Co REC webpage: http://www.guthrie-rec.coop/content/scholarships, and mail in as directed
11. Guthrie County Youth Foundation

This scholarship is $300 scholarship for vocational, technical or medical schools. There is no minimum grade requirement nor does the income of the student / parent have any effect on the award of the recipients. We have funds for 15-20 students in the Guthrie County school districts. Please do your best to get students to apply. We have money to give away but our biggest problem is getting students to apply. 

Deadline for 2020 graduates is March 13, 2020

Copy & complete this Guthrie County Youth Foundation Scholarship Application and the email applications to: ciapub2@netins.net or mail to: 4718 Panorama Drive, Panora, IA 50216. For further information, please contact Luann Waldo, 712-651-2321. 
12. Guthrie County Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship - https://guthriecountyhospital.org/newsandevents/auxiliary-scholarship/
Four $400 awards For seniors pursuing career in health or medical field, have a 3.0 GPA, Applications and additional information are due the third Friday of April.
Include 3 letters of recommendation speaking to your ability to work in health-related profession, include transcript with ACT scores, submit to: Scholarship Committee, Guthrie County Hospital Auxiliary, 710 N. 12th Street, Guthrie Center, IA 50115 (also applications may be dropped off at the hospital front desk).
[At One time - contact shared with PanHS; Jacqcene Richey: 641-332-2424, Diane Flanery also contact; email dflanery@guthrie.k12.ia.us]
Eligibility in one of two distinct groups:
Graduating HS seniors with permanent residency in Guthrie County, IA who plan to directly or indirectly enter a conservation related field in college or vocational school.
College students with Conservation Related Majors that have completed at least their sophomore year in college.
14. First Christian Church
April 17, 2020 deadline, contact Diane Watts or Gary Freeland; FirstChristianChurch.rtf
at least $500, open to all, scholarship & financial need considered, Contact – John Millhollin collects April 15;  PanoraMasonicLodge.rtf
$500, children of employees are given priority, but all PHS students with interest in business program OR vo-tech field (mechanical, agricultural, etc.) are eligible to apply, to be awarded at end of first semester of college program, SMITH TIRE Scholarship, students who are given the award are to contact Smith Tire the end of their first college term for money arrangements - Deadline (May 1, 2020) is two weeks before Senior Awards night (May 13, 2020). Google doc of Smith Tire Scholarship application link
17. *** For: Dean R. Betts Scholarship Trust;

Rachel L. Hensal Scholarship Trust;

Bessie F. Isenhart Scholarship Trust;

Paul & Eleanor Little Scholarship Foundation;

Bruce and Naomi Barks Scholarship; and

Wirt-Mispel Scholarship

Shared with seniors as google/doc 12/04/2019

Due date: April (April 3, 2020) typically a larger award given to several students who may again apply themselves in following years, Contact – Deanna L. Van Cura, Bump Law Firm (755-2131), give completed paper application to your HS Counselor: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11VTNTqUBKRmDzlbxLMvsOeNiDfsay9c9ecLFp3lBvuI/edit?usp=sharing (fill out and submit once for all of the trusts & scholarships identified above). This group tries to give every student who applies some money!
Barks Memorial payment: Bump Law are instructed by Barks family to send the funds directly to the recipient’s college.  We will send the entire amount of $5,000.00 (graduate recipient needs to verify the address of the college).
18. GUTHRIE CO. CATTLEMEN’s – Annual Due Date of April 1st each year
parents or grandparents need to be members, amount and number of awards varies each spring, graduating seniors only, Contact is Rose Kastner, Yale, mailed to Guthrie County Extension office (outlined as step 5, page 2 of link), WordDoc: Application (GoogleDoc): GuthrieCoCattlemanScholarshipAp
19. WSO – Women’s Service Organization, $500 one time award, Contact, Maureen Lubeck,
Due date: will pick up from school the (April 15, 2020 was intended due date but due to pandemic the deadline is extended to April 24th 2020.) submit to Mr. Webner who will deliver to Mrs. Lubeck (2018 Application as Google Doc linked here or Annual WSO-Scholarship-Ap Word doc updated 2012)
20 (A). Guthrie County Soil & Water Conservation District sharing a local $500 scholarship for those pursuing an education in agriculture with preference given to those going into conservation specifically. Friday, February 14 deadline.  Here is their webpage describing this award and with link to get the application  https://cdiowa.org/get-involved/scholarships/
20 (B). 2nd award using same application (but student will need to submit separate applications), also due Friday, February 15, also awarding $500, but possible state awards of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 will also be given. The Conservation Districts of Iowa is partnering with local soil and water conservation districts to provide this scholarship.
21. WFPF – Women For Panora’s Future, to apply following directions on pages 1 and 2 of this WFPF Application 2020, return to Mr. Webner by April 30th, 2020 (Contact Kylee Boettcher)
22. Jamaica Lions Club, $500 for any student planning to attend college or vocational program, to HS Counselor by Thursday, April 16th, 2020paying special attention to community activities, return application, Jamaica Lions Club , contact is Mr. Mike Tighe (515-250-7483, email: getmjt@windstream.net past years Mr. Tighe has asked for Mr. Druivenga to put in his resident mailbox but in the pandemic Mr. Webner will deliver)
23. Yale Community Club, for students with a YALE ADDRESS ONLY, due date is April 30. Use this YALE Com Club
 2014  application form. $500 Award. Return to guidance counselor who in turn give to contact. Note - “Scholarship funds will be dispersed upon proof of enrollment for the second semester of the freshmen year - so awarded students need to give their college fall transcript to Jenny VanGundy at Farmers State Bank of Yale.
24. Farmers State Bank (www.yalebankiowa.com then click Community & Activities to see "Panorama Scholarship" - Two $500 scholarships are available each year to graduating Seniors of Panorama High School. Applicants must complete the following form (https://fsbyalescholarship.wordpress.com/) and submit a video, up to 2-minutes, via YouTube, tagging FSBYale. The video should be a creative representation of why the individual deserves the scholarship. Entries are due by May 1 each year. Each applicant must upload their video, then complete the application including the video link. if you have any questions, please contact Scott Stanley at sstanley@yalebankiowa.com. (old paper applications used in prior years will not be accepted). Winners will be sent letter with date when you can stop at Yale Farmers State Bank to pick up your check.
Complete this scholarship application/pdf linked here and submit it at http://panoramascholarship.org/April 25 deadline (deadline updated 3/5/2020). These anonymous award providers most want to consider all who apply including students pursuing the agriculture and industrial arts fields (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, robotics, lasers, wind turbines, etc.),  College students who are seeking to again receive this money need to include their fall transcript (upload current PHS Senior Transcript and when at college a grade report from your college) along with the general application online.
27. Chapter of BY of P.E.O., $500 awarded ($250 from BY & $250 from PH) will be stapled to certificate at awards night, BY will decide Panorama recipient, Deadline 3rd Friday of April each year (April 24, 2020)for Panorama graduating females who plan to go to any college, return application (contact M. Luebeck, W. Steeburg provided P.E.O Chapter BY will award 1 girl - use this 2017 Application link, return to school guidance office, Mr. Webner will deliver to Mrs. Lubeck).

28. La'James International College, $1,000 scholarship to 1 Panorama student who has applied to attend this cosmo training institution (at any of their locations) to complete a degree in cosmetology, esthetics, &/or massage therapy. Give your scholarship packet to Mr. Webner
31. TTT - only those who participated in their sponsored Grade 5 camp are eligible - two female students each class. Please see me to verify your eligibility (remembering you did that summer camp as a 5th grader, then applying in senior year for their scholarship - in 2020 is Ms. Maggie Woodvine).
32. Dallas County Republican Scholarshipdeadline is May 31 each year, see their webpage ( http://dallascountygop.org/ ) for details and application: http://dallascountygop.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Scholarship-Application.pdf
34AIBW (Association of Independent Business Women) - Class of 2020 & beyond, $400 award, must be in top half of graduating class, looking for female applicants with strong involvement in school and community who plans to attend a vocational, tech, or 4 year college program; AIBW Scholarship Application Link, Due date is  April 15, 2020; Email your completed application to JaimeWaddle@panoratelco.com or kari@vector-collab.com
35. UPDATE for Panora Lion's Club Scholarship – $500, Due May 1, see attachment The Guidelines for Panora Lions Club Scholarship that includes #5) application will consist of one side of one page, which must be typed and double spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font, #6) Application will include...a. An essay on the topic "Why I think service is important", b. A summary of all service-type projects the applicant has participated in during their high school year. This should include school, church, community and service organizations, as well as any personal service projects. Be complete, as demonstrated areas of service and evidence of growth in service over the years will be an important factor in selection. c. Student's name and signature...7) The application should not include essays written for other scholarship applications or items such as academic or sports achievements. Selected May winners: Once you receive their first semester grade report, they should email a copy of the transcripts to PanoraLions@gmail.com.  Then, we will be in contact with the recipient to make arrangements to either send them a check or present it to them at a club meeting.
36. Raccoon Valley Radio $250 Scholarship - this is an area award, so not guaranteed to be granted to Panorama senior, but Panorama seniors have been selected in the past...must be pursuing a Business or Communications Degree from 2 or 4 year College Program.  Here is the application which is due April 15th, 2020. Letter and application shared in January 24 gmail message (use this Raccoon Valley Radio application link or paper copy in guidance office)
37. Panorama Tire Scholarship (NEW IN 2020) - $500 one time scholarship due May 1st. Follow the instructions as described on this Panorama Tire Scholarship informational handout. They are "looking for an applicant who is able to demonstrate a sense of community, citizenship, and desire to further their education in a Vo-Tech area".
  • DMACC Valedictorian Scholarships - https://dmacc.edu/honors/Pages/application.aspx
    • ​​​​​​​​In 2016 DMACC launched the DMACC High School Valedictorian Scholarship. It’s DMACC’s most prestigious academic scholarship that pays 100% of tuition costs for two years, plus a $500-per-year stipend for books and supplies. The total value of this scholarship over two years at DMACC is nearly $10,000. Recipients are automatically enrolled in the DMACC Honors Program.
TYPE your application, attach your resume (we also call it a senior profile if it omits a employment objective), goal planning statement, 2-3 letters of recommendation, & Submit to Mr. Webner; school will Collect & Deliver your submitted applications
  • UPDATE 4/6/2018: Hemphill & Associates, Insurance – $500, Due May 1. Winners will be sent letter with date when you can stop at Yale Farmers State Bank to pick up your check (this is not the same as Farmers State Bank Scholarship, number 24 above).
  • Panora Chamber of Commerce – 2/$500, will take into consideration students' Entrepreneurship, Involvement, & a Panora Focused body of experiences & personal goals. Mr. Webner will deliver to Dave Grove (Edward Jones Financial/Panora), Due April 8, 2020. Send to Chris Webner in mail OR gmail chris.webner@panorama.k12.ia.us by Wednesday, April 8.
  • Iowa Trust Bank (formerly Panora State Bank) – $500, open to all, financial need important, winners collect award at bank after 1st semester of college (bring your copy of college transcript), Contact – Julie Zajicek (755-2141), Due April 22, 2020
  • Panorama Education Association – Panorama Education Association Scholarship, a $2000 scholarship that pays $500 every year for four years. This scholarship is awarded in December, provided that the student maintains an education major and a GPA of 2.75, education majors with teaching career goal, Due April 22, 2020, contacts Deb Arganbright & Julie Weidenthaler)
  • Panora/Panora-Linden/Panorama Alumni Association - an annual offering a one-time $500 scholarship to a graduate who is going to a college or university.  Applicants should be students who are involved in their communities and are successful academically.  The local scholarship application can be used.  The deadline is May 1st (contact for the Panora, Panora-Linden, Panorama Alumni Club is Jerry Armstrong, Deb Arganbright). Award amount is paid in August.
More area $ opportunities...
  • Care Initiatives, parent company of Panora Nursing Home and Retirement Living share both a Tuition Assistance Program and Student Loan Reimbursement Program, the contact is Mary Staltenberg, HR Manager, mstoltenberg@careinitiatives.org . Both programs are for their employees and they often employ Panorama HS students - browse job openings and applying using their webpage Career tab - https://careinitiatives.vikus.net/jobs
  • TTT for senior girls award, as of Spring 2013, TTT application information was withdrawn from this webpage, but awards will be provided to those limited individuals who participated in their elementary grade camp and are notified by TTT.  When TTT shares Mr. Webner will encourage those seniors who are identified as eligible (2020 Maggie Woodvine). 
  • Green County Medical Center Foundation ($1,000) and Auxiliary ($500) each provide scholarships, visit www.gcmchealth.com under the "About" tab - March 21, 2018 due date
Programs that served many very well before their end - 
    • #26. Flint Hills Resources Discovery Scholarship, $1,500 one time award shared by the owners of the ethanol plant by Menlo, Iowa (ended 01/2020)
    • Roger Thorsheim Memorial Scholarship from local Knights of Columbus, this award was discontinued in 2015
    • Panorama Scholarship - the old Yale-Jamaica-Bagley scholarship account was completely used and closed in 2014
    • Bagley Culture Club
    • Dominic Higgins Memorial Scholarship
    • Graceland University ACE Scholarship (ACE Program ended May 2018)
    • DMACC VanKirk Scholarships