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  • This page is an alphabetized attempt to share the mailings and notifications sent to Panorama High School informing potential student applicants of scholarship opportunities - updates occur annually but users encouraged to use links regardless of whether on not Panorama's posting here is of current school year.
  • Never Pay for Scholarship or College Financial Aid Information to avoid illegal or unnecessary fees.
Scholarship Search Engines:
Online Degree? Best Value Schools is an organization that promotes colleges that offer online college degrees, so their webpage can help you find online degree programs. They offer a $500 scholarship involving an essay, use this link to apply:  (July deadline)
AASA - School Superintendents Association Scholarship, $1,000-$5,000, enter your essay and upload your YouTube video to apply here
Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship program… awarding up to $1,000 to the winner(s) each year. Scholarship Deadline - June 12, 2017. Application Process: Students submit an essay on topic that appears on scholarship page of web site:
Full details are available their site.
America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders - New Program, over $500,000 in college scholarships available! and
America’s Homecoming Queen, Iowa selection held in March in Des Moines, copy of application is in guidance office (brown accordion folder), must be Panorama Homecoming Queen selection first.
Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship (application includes nomination signatures, due March 1) -
American Welding Society Foundation Scholarship Programs (brochure),, scholarship listings for full time college students in welding program of $500 to $2,500 at one of these colleges with welding program (search tool), deadlines begin March 1.
Aspiring Business Professional ScholarshipThis is a $1,000 scholarship that will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing a business degree at any accredited post-secondary school or college.  Interested students can visit this link to read details and complete the online application - deadline for the scholarship is June 1 annually
AXA Achievement Community Scholarship – download an application for $2,000 college scholarship at – apply by December 15, only first 10,000 applicants will be accepted, a winner in every state up to $25,000 – All student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in. The student must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute. Submit essay with application online by June 22, 2012.
BBG Communications Scholarship,,  $500, online essay contest, Deadline June 30 
Buick Achievers –
for students going to college in fields of study important to the automotive and related industries, Deadline – February 28, 2014
Burger King Scholars – apply Nov.15 -Jan.10 at
February 15, (key word scholarship)
DOSOMETHING.ORG - unique online scholarship program with December 31 deadline
ELKS National Foundation
1)GRAND LODGE AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST, Grades 5-8, $1,000-$250 savings bonds, return printed or typed essay to Tim James, Perry Elks Lodge #407, 2823 Willis Ave, Perry, Iowa 50220 (phone contact is 515.465.3791), 2011-12, Not to exceed 250 word essay: “Why I am Proud to Pledge Allegiance to Our Flag”, see essay rules from guidance office flyer.
2) “Our Flag” – WHAT IT MEANS TO ME, Grade 6, $150, Contest rules and cover page in guidance office, essay not to exceed 300 words, Deadline December 2
3)MOST VALUABLE STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP, open to any HS senior, available online Sept.1 with December 2 deadline, $60,000 – $4,000 go to hundreds of students…
4)ENF LEGACY AWARD CONTEST, for ELKS Families (parents or grandparents), Online application available Sept.1, Deadline February 1;
Hagan Scholarship Foundation – goal is to help rural students graduate from college debt free, minimums = 23 ACT and 3.5 GPA, Complete FAFSA in Fall using prior year Tax Information, must be eligible for Federal and State grants, receive up to a $5,000 scholarship per semester.  Due date is November 15 annually  Please see website for details : 
*Panorama had TWO winners in 2017! And here is sharing from Tori Troutman about Hagen - 
When Cassie and I went to the Hagan workshop this summer they told us about a database that they had complied for all the eligible schools in the country. In the database you can scroll through or search and find information about the instate cost of tuition, average grant aid amount, and ACT composite score for the school. If you click on the college name it will take you directly to the school's website. If you click on the PDF file under the Fast Facts column it will give you more advanced financial, graduation, enrollment, and standard test statistics not available elsewhere. Please review this website and share it with the students, teachers and administrators, it can help students in their college search even if they do not apply to the Hagan.
Please promote the Hagan scholarship to students of high academic achievement and make it clear that it is hard work to get and stressful but it has many benefits, for example, they re-compensate you for your travel and room expenses to and from Colombia, Missouri, they give you $1,000 Amazon gift card your first year for school supplies, Sophomore year they will teach us how to invest in the stock market and give us $10,000 ($15K as of Oct.2018) to invest if we earn more than that by graduation we keep the remainder, if you meet the requirements there is a mandatory study abroad Junior year, etc.. Also, the Hagan Foundation has expanded to include rural counties for all fifty states for the coming application year.
Another thing you should research is the Hagan Academy. The Academy will be completed in Colombia, Missouri in the near future and will be for high school students of high academic achievement and financial need to attend Junior and Senior year of high school. It will be similar to a college/boarding school and while they complete the requirements to get their diploma they will also be earning an Associates degree. 
If you or any students have questions about the application process they can most likely be answered by the Hagan website, you and students can also contact me at this email address and I will try to help. 
iOWA JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Application - see flyer below for more details.  Due Date January 20, 2017
John Deere TECH Program - Scholarship to Northeast Iowa Community College, Calmar, Iowa, part-time job with Van Wall Group, and employment with Van Wall upon graduation. Susan Harris-Campbell 2015 presentation information linked in pdf at bottom of page.
“Kohl’s Cares“ – asking adults to nominate student volunteer ages 6-18 for their national scholarship program (local contact: Rebecca Secoy of Guthrie County Hospital; email, phone 641.332.3915)
Mediacom - eligible seniors are mediacom customers so although towns in our district are not served by Mediacom some students with other addresses could be: Dallas Center, Redfield, Stuart, (see communities served pages for your town), $1,000, see to download their application, due February 6, 2018
Mensa Essay Scholarship, Mensa is an organization that promotes the development of gifted youth.  When using the link provided, Enter your Zip Code, then Read the list of directions, then complete and submit your essay. "The application form will be available online from Sept. 15 to Jan. 15."
Monsanto Scholarship Program – their website;, lists scholarship details AND
DeKalb Scholarship too.
National FFA Scholarship pages are linked for both Monsanto & DeKalb for applications:
NASSP (National Assosiation of Secondary School Principals) - The Spirit of Community Awards Program-  or please see website for details. Application deadline  November 4, 2014
National Farmworkers Jobs Program – “Proteus flyer“, for those who have been employed in agriculture in the past 2 years, visit Many programs & educational services, example: “you may receive a $5.00 stipend for every hour you spend in the classroom”
NFIB YEF - Young Entreprenuer Foundation - See website for details. deadline December 18, 2016
NUCA Scholarships - any HS senior who parent is employed by a NUCA member (Iowa Trenchless) may apply at deadline is 11:59pm EST, May 25, 2018, call 1.800.662.68
National Portfolio Day- get feedback from professors on your ART Portfolio, annual tour of cities across U.S., and maybe be offered a college scholarship
PeopleSmart Essay Contest: Social Networking & Privacy, $2,500 essay contest
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards – based on volunteer service and PHS Volunteer Coordination Angie Clouser can assist student pursuit of this program $1,000 scholarship, students apply online & submit to school principal for school’s nomination – is a new private college scholarship initiative which you can sign up for and start earning scholarships during high school doing things that are good for all students to consider. (PHS Adviser lesson encourages student completion of online process)
A few important reminders about how RaiseMe works:
  • The scholarships earned on RaiseMe represent the minimum guaranteed aid the student will receive from a college if they are admitted and enroll in that college.
  • Students may end up receiving a larger university award upon review of their final application, but with RaiseMe, they know at least how much in scholarship dollars they can depend on receiving from a college before applying.
  • Some programs like the University of Iowa allow students to stack awards, but keep in mind this is the exception and not the norm
Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) U.S. Scholarship Program, January 20, 2015 application deadline,, seeks applicants who are exemplary role models in their communities & have initiative to fulfill their educational goals. (updated 10.21.15)
RNto BSNOnline - Those wanting to become a nurse.  Please see website for scholarship opportunities. .  Contact Wes at with any questions.
Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation The Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarships, funded by the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, recognize students who are driving awareness and mobilizing youth to be catalysts for innovative models and solutions to eliminate hunger in America. Applicants must have demonstrated ongoing commitment to their community by performing unpaid volunteer services impacting hunger in the United States within the last 12 months. Additional consideration is given to students working to fight childhood hunger. Students between the ages of five and 25 are eligible to apply. The winners receive a $5,000 scholarship, as well as a $5,000 grant made in their name to the hunger-related charity of their choice in their local community. In addition, regional honorees receive a $1,000 grant made in their name to the hunger-related charity of their choice. Applications may be submitted online & learn more about the program
Student Award Search Aid“B. Davis Scholarship”, creators of the “Student Award Search Aid” website are offering a scholarship for 2017, visit website to read about us and to apply for our scholarship. While you’re there, please browse through the rest of the site to learn more about applying for scholarships. Our website was developed solely for the purpose of helping students locate and apply for scholarships.  We are trying to improve the students’ chances for success.  The site is free and we charge nothing for the information or the application.  The deadline for applications is May 22, 2017,  Amount of Scholarship:  $1,000, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


“Tylenol Scholarship“ $1,000-$5,000 award; must wait for annual April updating (also shared on Tylenol Facebook page)
Wendy’s High School Heisman, student-athletes with B average or higher, October 3, 2014 deadline, (updated 9/25/14) - scholarship contest with writing on given theme
ZipRecruiter Scholarship
Amount: $3000
Deadline: December 31st, 2018 & June 30th, 2019
For: College-bound High School Seniors

This is the link to our scholarship:

We are looking to have students write;
a) 250 word follow-up email for after a job interview
b) A brief 250 word description discussing each section they chose to include in their email template

The great thing about the prompt is that students will be given great practice for future interviews and the strategy of sending a follow-up email.

Our scholarship is also available on the Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) Scholarship Database here: