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Transfer College Courses Taken During HS to College Destination

"How Do I Get My College Courses to Transfer to MY College", AND “How Will My College Courses Transfer?”
The community college courses you take while a student at Panorama do transfer to our state universities and tools from each are listed below. Private colleges also accept these courses. BUT none of those college look at the student PHS transcript for college course transfer information into their system - so each senior must request the college, from which credit was completed during high school, send the student's official college transcript to the college destination chosen by the student.  For example, students who took DMACC course(s) while a PHS student request DMACC to send their DMACC transcript to ISU (assuming the senior has been accepted and has committed to attending ISU in Fall as freshmen).
Here are the three colleges you may need to contact because of completing their courses while at PHS and are noted on PHS transcript for student awareness using the college course code (CAP123):
DMACC - multiple courses at PHS, taken online, at Perry VanKirk Center, or AC/GC HS
Graceland University - Ms. Jarnagin is Adjunct Professor for MATH1330 Elementary Functions (student slang for this course is "Pre-Calc").
Iowa Western Tech CC - Ms. Jarnagin serves as tutor to MAT211 Calculus
Before submitting your transcript request, helpful to know the Admission Office address where the college transcript should be sent, so look that up first.  
Example: ISU Admission Office address to receive another college's transcript for our student is 
Iowa State University
Office of Admissions
100 Enrollment Services Center
2433 Union Drive
Ames, IA 50011-2042
  • DMACC webpage for Transcript Request directions; often students print and complete the given form and we fax it to DMACC from the PHS office (no cost necessary).  
    • PHS teachers who deliver DMACC college courses: Mrs. Lindstrom's ART133/Drawing & ART143/Painting, Mr. Hameister's ADM221/Career Development Skills & ADM936/Occupational Experience, Mr. Babcock's AGB331/Agri Business Mgmt., Mr. Faraci's PHS166/Intro Meteorology, Mrs. Boettcher & Mrs. Arganbright's COM703/Communication Skills, Mrs. Ploeger's MAT772/Applied Math and EGT400/PLTW Engineering Design
    • Common DMACC Online Courses include but are not all listed here: BUS102/Intro Business, ENG105/Composition, FIN121/Personal Finance, HIS112/West Civ: Ancient to Early Modern, POL111/American National Government, PSY111/Intro Psychology, SOC115/Social Problems
    • Common DMACC Career Advantage Occupations programs students in which students take multiple courses 2 hours daily at VanKirk Center in Perry or at AC/GC HS (again not all programs & courses listed): Automotive, Criminal Justice, Health, Welding
  • Graceland Universities' webpage for Transcript Request directions; they have outsourced this task to a private company, NSC, that requires a credit card to complete transaction using the internet (often students call parents for credit card number while on internet to complete the online form).
  • Western Iowa Tech CC's webpage for Transcript Request directions; complete the online form - too easy! (no cost necessary)
An example from a private college accepting college credits from another college for a student here with the Transfer Students webpage of Central College (Pella).
Iowa State University uses for their transcript, the college credit if the grade is at least a C, not the grades, of college courses taken during high school.
  • TRANSIT is your online transportation to cruise the transfer information superhighway and help you successfully plan your journey to Iowa State University. Follow the steps to see how coursework from your community college or university will satisfy the degree requirements for your selected course of study at Iowa State.
  • The ISU Course Equivalency Guide lists the courses offered at the community colleges and how each of those corresponds to courses offered at Iowa State University
University of Iowa accepts both the course credit and grade of college courses taken during high school for their transcript.
  • If you are thinking of transferring to The University of Iowa, you are in good company. Each year, more than 1,000 undergraduate students transfer here from other colleges or universities
University of Northern Iowa accepts both the course credit and grade of college courses taken during high school for their transcript.
  • UNI invites you to explore Transfer Plan-It, an easy to use website which will assist you in determining which UNI requirements may have already satisfied by your previous coursework. It can also assist you in building a plan for courses you may wish to take prior to your transfer to make the best use of your time and money.