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Community College/University Partnerships (Take Advantage)

In recent years colleges' relationships have become more intimate than simply accepting transfer credits from other colleges. For example, DMACC students may be living in ISU dorms & eating within an ISU meal plan while taking courses at DMACC Huntziker Center in Ames (and enjoying other benefits typically reserved for ISU students like student ticket prices to ISU athletics).
These relationships are exciting to many HS students (families) because the community colleges course credit costs are less than most 4 year colleges.
What follows are links to these institutions’ webpages we hope will be used to guide high school students who want to take advantage of these partnerships their freshmen year of college…
DMACC Partnership Programs, with colleges and industry/businesses –
  • DMACC and Iowa State U have maybe the most intimate partnership which results in DMACC students living in ISU dorms and eating ISU food while taking classes on the ISU campus, DMACC's Huntziker Center in Ames, or nearby DMACC Boone Campus.
  • Most of the Industry and Business Partnerships encourage student earning money while learning in their program - so costs stay lower and experience is gained, also the partnering business typically offer full employment (with benefits) upon graduation
Iowa State “Admissions Partnership Program” –
University of Iowa “2 plus 2 program”, guaranteed to complete associate degree & bachelors degree for listed majors & community colleges in 4 yr. –,
University of Northern Iowa “Admissions Partnership Program” –