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College Courses - Online

DMACC Online Career Academy Guidelines

Below web links are viewable on school guidance page, “College - Online”


Panorama HS Follows These DMACC Guidelines

  • Fall courses begin August 21, 2019: have Mr. Webner assist your registering (begins mid March & ends in May with end PHS school year)
  • Spring courses begin January 13, 2020 (registration open with Mr. Webner now and has November 15, 2019 Deadline)
  • Mr. Webner will submit your required online form
  • DMACC Online Course Selection Advice - lists only those courses that will help student earn an Associate of Arts Degree (which is contracted to be accepted by universities as years 1 and 2 of 4 year bachelor degree)
  • Spring 2019 Online Class List linked here
    • students may take courses if noted prerequisites are met
    • this is greatly expanded list of course options from past years (before Spring 2019)
    • while courses and texts are free to student through home district during school year, any additional fees and transportation costs are the students'/families' responsibility
  • Student Registration Guidelines:
    • DMACC recommends new online students to register for 1 online course per semester.
    • DMACC suggests returning online students register for no more than 2 online courses per semester but always up for counselor approval (most students whom have taken more than 2 courses at once later drop courses down to 2 at once).
    • This program is also available to 9th and 10th grade Gifted and Talented students (following same test & GPA requirements below).
    • Students are to have a 3.5 GPA, 21 ACT composite score to take online core, liberal arts, courses (those that meet area requirements of an Associate Degree, which can in turn help earn a Bachelor degree if transferred to a university).
    • Students, Grades 10, 11, 12, do not need a 3.5 GPA nor 21 ACT to take online vocational courses (nor any courses taken in-person/not online). Common vocational courses taken online by PHS students in past: BUS102/Intro to Business (then BUS148/Small Business Management), HSC120/Medical Terminology I & HSC121/M.T.II, CRJ100/Intro Criminal Justice, & PEC110/Coaching Ethics
    • Students must have a qualifying ALEKS Assessment for online math courses (& to attend DMACC full-time). To take the ALEKS, 1st you get a "Quick Ap" on DMACC webpage (, once they email you you then, 2nd, sign in to DMACC webpages to take the ALEKS. This is required before registering for DMACC math courses (other than Applied Math/MAT772&773 each taught at Panorama HS); here is the webpage detailing the process to take this test free online at home


Are your students ready for an online class? - Please, students that have not taken an online class with DMACC before, complete the Online Readiness Self-Assessment at

Your score will be an indicator to whether they may be ready for an online course at DMACC.  It is critical that students are self- motivated and have good time management skills in order to be successful in these courses.

Resources - We also have important tutorial videos for students as they get started in courses. Face to face orientations will also be available for students to attend prior to the semester. Please visit the following link

to access a number of great resources including:

Starting Reminder - Students will not be able to access their course until the first day of class.  Students should login to their class on that day. Students may be dropped from their class if they do not participate in their class during the first week. DMACC can track when students log into courses and how much time they spend in a course.

Attention Chromebook Users! - Accessing DMACC online course material such as videos, tests, quizzes, assignments and other Blackboard content in general, may NOT be compatible with Chromebooks.  Java is required to display and interact with Blackboard but Chromebooks do not support this technology.  It is not recommended to rely solely on a Chromebook to complete your DMACC online course.  Another computer such as a school PC, home computer, library computer, etc may be needed at various times throughout the semester to complete your work.   Having only a Chromebook is NOT an acceptable excuse for missed work.

Time Managementtime needed for student to successfully complete college courses is noted by the credits earned, as most courses earn 3 college credits, those earning 4 or 5 credits require more reading and/or writing by the students