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Brain Needs & Strategies

Brain Research Findings & Strategies We Can Use To Have A Better Life Experience
  • Gr.9) The human brain will override the eyes, ignoring what is viewed, in an effort to be efficient .
    • We can improve our consideration for others, become more humble, increase our perspective taking ability, and get along better with others once we understand common flaws of the human brain...
  • Gr.10) Our brains clean themselves and bring nutrients to brain areas while we are sleeping - using cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to both flush away remains of used energy waste and refuel brain cells. There is no lymphatic system in the brain like used by rest of body. Brain cell waste builds up without a normal sleep cycle cleansing it, low sleep brains are susceptible to depression/anxiety, memory loss, and lower brain functioning.
    • Jeff Lliff: One more reason to get a good night's sleep (scan this transcript for key ideas, or click picture to see TedTalk video - 11:41)
    • University of Rochester Medical Center online article, Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Cleansing System in Brain, 2012, click picture for video "The Glymphatic System" - 3:17)
    • Sleep to Succeed online article, Jerusha Conner, July 22, 2015, U.S. News
      • Are you getting 8-10 hours of sleep regularly as recommended by National Sleep Foundation
        • Students who don't get enough sleep (exhaustion) -
          • deprive brain's neural pathways from developing, making retention of learned concepts more difficult
          • correlates to higher rates of teen's suffering from headaches and depression
        • How did the article describe the benefits of these strategies?
          • Parental  limit setting regarding teen screen time
          • Teachers collaborating to create manageable homework loads using modified block scheduling
          • Schools pushing back start time
    • WebMD Sleep recommendations per age groupings; 10-11 hours = Ages 7-12, 8-9 hours = Ages 12-18
  • Gr.12) Think about you in the future -