Panther Pride Service Award


Purpose of the program:  To impress upon the students the value that community service has in growing and building the communities in which they live.  To help each student who participates to develop a sense of citizenship and leadership skills within their community.  Community involvement is something that students can take with them as they become adults.

Program Requirements:

  • Must be a Panorama high school student
  • Must complete the student/parent agreement form
  • Each student needs to find their own place to perform their service hours
  • The student is responsible for recording and submitting all hours to the program within 30 days of completing the hours
  • All hours are subject to review to make sure they meet program criteria, if in doubt check with Mrs. Clouser before you agree to do the service work
  • Students enrolled in the program will have from August 25th of the current school year until May 1st of their senior year to complete the program
  • You need to do a minimum of 50 hours per year, in order to stay on pace to complete the program.  Any additional hours within the year will be recorded and carried over to the next year
  • All classes after the year 2020 will be required to do 200 hours to receive the award

*Special consideration may be given to students who move into the district after beginning their high school career or for other special circumstances.*

Volunteerism... is defined as the policy or practice of giving your time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, within your community.

What counts?

Volunteer work done at a hospital, care center, senior center, food bank, clothing bank, blood drive, public library, Special Olympics, church(VBS, mission trips, providing childcare during services), school beautification(trash pickup, weed pulling), animal shelter, for a club or non-profit organization or peer tutoring before or after school.

When in doubt if it would count, check with the program supervisor, Mrs. Clouser.

What doesn’t count?

Work done for the school or a club that you receive payment(fundraising), a grade or school credit for

Court ordered community service

Work done for pay

Time for breaks, lunch or travel

Sports team manager/trainer or extracurricular activity participation or practices

Volunteering for your family members/relatives

Internships/job shadows

Volunteer hours cannot be done during the regular school day i.e. class time.

You may only count 8 hours per day

No unsupervised hours

Why is this program for you?

  • Developing your personal leadership and citizenship skills
  • Taking pride in giving back to your community
  • Enhancing your self-confidence
  • A school program that any high school student can join
  • Recognition at your school assembly and graduation
  • Giving of yourself and serving others to help you feel more positive about yourself and make a difference
  • Networking while doing community service and showing your citizenship skills could lead to a future job
  • Having a record of participating in community service enhances your chance of qualifying for college scholarships
  • Listing completion of community service hours on your resume says something about your character and makes you stand out from others
Children and Families of Iowa http: //
Courage League Sports
  • Volunteers will provide minimal to moderate assistance for children and adults not able to go "full speed" with weekly-themed sports(basketball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer) as well as fitness classes.  Volunteers will be helping our participants develop new skills, meet friends, and build self-confidence. 
  • Contact:Email: Melissa Clark-Wharff [email protected]
    Phone: 515-421-4021
  Faith Bible Church--
Meals from the Heartland
  • They will take volunteers year round at their packaging site:  357 Lincoln Street, WDM, Iowa  Use the link to find a spot to volunteer
Midwest Mission
  • A volunteer opportunity where you can assemble kits, sort donated items, and weave sleeping mats
  • You must be 18 years old to volunteer, or have an adult accompany your group.
  • Please contact them at or call 217-697-4063 for further information.
Panorama Booster Club
Panora Public Library
  • Contact Kim Finnegan at 641-755-2529
Panorama School Food Pantry, student helpers needed, see Mrs. Clouser to sign up
  •  The following dates from 3:45-5:45 will be available to volunteer during the school year:
  • September 12 & 26
  • October 10 & 24
  • November 14 & 28
  • December 12 & 27
  • January 9 & 23
  • February 13 & 27
  • March 12 & 26
  • April 9 & 23
  • May 14 & 28