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Professional Development

Professional Development

CRISS - CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies

Panorama has been involved with Project CRISS for several years. The goal of CRISS is to create students who are independent learners. Our staff has been trained in the CRISS principles and philosophies of effective lesson design. CRISS provides a process of learning that allows students to attach new learning to prior learning, manipulate information in a variety of ways to make meaning and focuses on teaching for understanding. Through this model, teachers are more effective educators and students are more effective learners.

Project CRISS website:

AIW – Authentic Intellectual Work

AIW came to Panorama in the 2010-11 school year. We began with a pilot team of eight teachers. The standards set forth in the AIW framework give educators a gauge for how quality teaching and learning looks and sounds. Teachers meet several times per month to critique assessment tasks, student work and instruction team members bring to the table. The feedback they receive helps them to make adjustments in their work to make schoolwork more authentic and rigorous for students. Moving forward, we will continue to expand the number of teachers using AIW so that all students will experience high quality instruction and learning.

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