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Elementary Teacher Feature

This week's Elementary Teacher Feature is...My name is Jacee Arbegast, and I am an elementary special education teacher here at Panorama Elementary! I graduated from Upper Iowa University in May of 2019, and this is my first year teaching at Panorama. Growing up, I attended West Fork Schools in Sheffield, Iowa, where I also lived with my parents, brothers, and sister. Throughout high school and college, I was a competitive cheerleader and cheer coach, and I also spent 3 years managing the UIU Peacock wrestling team! Now, I am living in Stuart, Iowa with my fiance, Cody, and our two dogs, Rocky and Sophie! In my free time, you can find me hiking with my dogs, watching wrestling, or cheering on the Panorama Panthers!
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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 23 - 31 this year, and Middle School Student Council is sponsoring dress up activities. Attached is a flyer with more information.
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Elementary Citizen of the Week

October 18, 2019

Citizen of the Week

This week’s Citizen of the Week is someone who comes to school Panther READY every day. This student shows resiliency by not giving up, even when things are hard. She asks questions and gives her best effort so she can grow and improve. She sets goals and works hard to achieve them. She is an ethical and accountable friend, showing kindness, honesty, and positivity to those around her. She can be counted on to be a respectful and reliable partner in class. I think this 5th grader is polite and helpful and I appreciate the way she follows directions and listens during class. For this, and everything she does, this week’s Citizen of the Week is………..

Alaina Woolman

We would also like to thank the Panorama Booster Club for providing t-shirts for our Citizens of the Week.
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MS/HS Teacher Feature

MS/HS Teacher Feature...
"My name is Cheryl Wells. I grew up in Johnston, Iowa. Throughout my time in school, the two things I enjoyed most were art class and choir. In high school I participated in show choir and our auditioned choirs. I even took private voice lessons from a professor at Drake to learn how to sing opera. While in high school, I took as many art classes as I could. It was during these classes that I realized that I wanted to be an art teacher. Helping people learn and push themselves creatively became one of my biggest passions.

This lead me to Central College in Pella, Iowa. I was drawn by their teaching program and after I sat in on an art class and was instantly hooked. Most of the classes I took in high school were always centered around 2D art- drawing and painting. In college, I was able to have a broader access to classes and found that working in 3D was what I truly enjoyed. During my time at Central, I was president of Art Club and vice president of my sorority.

I have been very fortunate to have my family’s support in all my creative endeavors. My parents have always pushed me to follow my passion and pursue a career that I would find enjoyable. I have a sister who is also becoming a teacher, she is currently a senior at UNI. I also have a brother who is a full time bicycle mechanic.

My family and I are very close. We all get along very well. We frequently go on vacations together, a tradition that has been established before my siblings and I were all out of car seats. From road trips to international flights, nothing beats traveling. Growing up we would drive everywhere, doing so we’ve all been to over half the 50 states. In high school I had the opportunity to visit France for 10 days. Since then I’ve been to 7 other countries.

I teach all the art classes at Panorama Secondary. This year that includes middle school art, Ceramics 1, Drawing 1, Painting 1, Photography, Graphic Design 1, Art Fundamentals, Art Studio and possibly a new class...I’m thinking Sculpture?"
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Advanced Foods Class - "Best Apple Pie" Contest

Advanced foods classes competed for the 'Best Apple Pie' award on Wednesday. Each lab group chose their own recipe and teachers voted for which was best! They were judged on overall aesthetic and aroma, and the quality of the pie crust and filling.
The winner was group #1. Way to go, Paige Cmelik, Wyatt Carstens, Destiny Kienest, and Cash Malloy! The winning recipe was from 'Dinner at the Zoo'
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Elementary Fun Checking Out Halloween Books

Mrs. Keuning's class is having fun checking out Halloween books and being creative with our centers at the Panorama Elementary Library. We're reading "Horrible Harry at Halloween" by Suzy Kline in the reading corner and the mystery is keeping us all in suspense!
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