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Panorama Panthers Elementary Citizen of the Week

March 16, 2018

Citizen of the Week

This week’s Citizen of the Week is someone who has shown what it means to be Panther Ready since day one of the school year. She works hard and does her best everyday on anything she is given and is more than willing to help others who may need it. She is a leader in the classroom and is kind and respectful to everyone around. I can always trust her to make the right choice and hold herself accountable. When you see her in the hallways she is always walking at a level zero and being a positive role model to others in the building. That is why this week’s Citizen of the Week is………..

Hannah Hellman

We would also like to thank the Panorama Booster Club for providing t-shirts for our Citizens of the Week.
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Panorama Panthers Algebra One Student News

Algebra One students stepped outside for class. They took the role of a dog trainer needing to build a rectangular arena with 100ft of fencing. Students had to decide the dimensions, draw a model of the arena and label it. Then they used string to build their arena. After comparing their models, they calculated the area of their arena. Students conversations were around how to maximize the area by using their math knowledge.
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Panorama Panthers Love & Logic Training @ Elementary

The elementary staff at Panorama has received the Love and Logic training and implements these strategies each day to support students socially and emotionally. This is a wonderful opportunity for any parents or family members that are interested in attending this training to learn more about different response strategies and ways to work with all kids!
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Panorama Panthers MS/HS TEAMS Competition

Middle School & High School Students participated in a TEAMS Competition on Wednesday. What is a TEAMS Competition? TEAMS is an annual STEM competition challenging students to work collaboratively and apply their math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways to solve real everyday engineering challenges.

The competition formate is divided into three sections:
*Essay – Each team researches and writes an in-depth essay submitted electronically prior to their competition date.

*Multiple choice test - High school teams have 90 minutes to solve 80 multiple choice questions focused on 8 engineering scenarios related to the annual competition theme. Middle school teams have 60 minutes to solve 40 multiple choice questions.

*Design/Build – using designated materials, teams have 75 minutes to complete a hands-on design challenge related to the annual competition theme

The one-day competitions will take place at over 125 locations nationwide between February 12 and March 18, 2018 through a partnership with high school educators, universities, corporations, and professional organizations. More than 10,000 students, will compete on a chosen day during the competition window. Division and state rankings and awards will be given.

By participating in TEAMS, students increase their knowledge of engineering, feel more confident about participating in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities and increase their ability to work with others to solve complex problems.
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Panorama Panthers MS/HS Teacher Feature

MS/HS Teacher Feature...
Hello! My name is Cameron Little! Better known as Mr. Little, or Coach-Cam, Coach-C, Crazy-Cam, or maybe a few lesser-known monikers.

I grew up in the Panora area, so the Panorama Panther is near and dear to my heart! I graduated with my teaching degree from Grace University in Omaha, NE, and I will graduate from Morningside University with my Master’s degree this June. In high school I played baseball, football, ran track and wrestled. My favorite sport is baseball and I went on to play baseball in college.

I have two siblings—both brothers—one older (Chris) and one younger (Clayton). My parents (Craig and Lynnette) still live outside of Panora in the house I grew up in. I currently teach Special Education at PHS and I am the assistant high school baseball coach.

I really enjoy fitness and working out—probably my main hobby. I take yearly trips to Colorado to go camping with some friends of mine and I also visit friends in Louisiana at least once a year—I love long road trips! I also really enjoy jokes, bad jokes in particular. The kind of jokes that make you slap your forehead and laugh while shaking your head and asking yourself, “Why am I laughing?” For example, the other day I asked a student how to spell the word, “dog”, and the student replied, “d, o, g, blue arrow”… Must be an iPhone user. Ba-dun-ching.
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Panorama Panthers FFA Recognized as Supreme National Chapter

The Panorama FFA chapter was recently recognized as a Supreme National Chapter. The National Chapter Award program recognizes FFA chapters that successfully complete an annual Program of Activities (POA), which includes a series of activities designed to encourage its members to grow as individuals, to work as part of a team and to serve others. Panorama completed an extensive application process that included activities completed for the 2017 calendar year. They received a Gold rating and ranked 7th best chapter in the state.
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Panorama Panthers MS/HS PE News

Pin Knockout! MS Students are learning a new game in P.E. Two teams have players guard their bowling pins lined up on the baseline of the gym. The other team members roll or toss balls toward the other teams pins. If a ball is caught, the thrower is out. If your team catches a ball, one of your teammates gets to enter the game.
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