Elementary Citizen of the Week

January 7, 2022
Citizen of the Week
This week’s Citizen of the Week quietly demonstrates what it means to be Panther R.E.A.D.Y. every day in our classroom. She comes in with a smile on her face, ready to work hard and learn new things. She is a great listener and is always one of the first students to follow directions when they are given. I love how she listens to what her classmates have to say during whole group discussions, makes connections, and then adds some additional great thoughts. This student puts forth a lot of effort during our daily work time, and I can always count on her to finish her assignments and get them turned in on time. This student also has a very kind heart and is always happy to help those around her. I appreciate her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever is asked of her. Because she tends to be quiet, I don’t think people always notice right away what a kind and responsible student she is. For these reasons, this week’s Citizen of the Week is ……….Alia Mertens