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Annual "Meals for the Homefront" Service Project

On December 21st, we were once again able to do our Annual "Meals for the Homefront" community service project. The officer team proposed the project to the chapter back in October and it was decided that we would again sponsor families in the district with meals for our break which comes out to about 10 days that would include 3 meals a day including a Christmas dinner. The chapter again called upon Mrs. Smith's Food and Nutrition classes to help put together meal plans and a shopping list. The chapter had decided to rotate stores every year and with the Corona virus putting a stop to our field trips, it worked out that we were able to use Jefferson Hy-Vee and their online shopping to help the classes complete their assignment remotely over a few days. Mrs. Clouser was able to line up 4 families this year for our services and the FFA was happy to purchase the needed items for their meals. While it was less than the past two years, we have still sponsored 22 families and donated 660 meals over the three years of our project which is something we take pride in. Many families rely on the school to help feed students and when we are closed, it can be difficult for them to secure enough food. Our goal is to make sure those in need are able to get 3 meals a day for the duration our school is on break.
The chapter wants to first thank Store Manager Gary at Jefferson Hy-Vee for working with us once again and the HUGE discount on the groceries. With the savings, we will be able to complete another community service project in January.
We also want to thank Mrs. Clouser and Mrs. Godwin for helping line up families. The list is completely anonymous to anyone else in the project and without their help, we wouldn't be able to get the meals to those who need it over our break.
A huge thank you to Mrs. Smith and her Foods and Nutrition classes. it takes a lot of work to plan all the meals for that many days including instructions and meal plans for each day.
This is something the members look forward to doing each year and take a lot of pride in helping and "spreading the wealth" to others.
In the photos include some of our officer team posing with a bit of the groceries with Gary and Sheryl from the store. We also have Mrs. Smith's classes working on packing the totes for each family.