Panorama Preschool Registration

If you are looking to enroll your child in either our three year old or four year old preschool program, please visit our website at Once there, you can click on the "Parents" tab. You will then see the option to click "Preschool". The preschool handbook, brochure, and applications are at the bottom of the preschool page. The handbook and brochure will provide a brief overview of our program and class options. 
Please feel free to fill out an application for your incoming preschooler and mail to Panorama Preschool P.O. Box 819 Panora, IA 50216.
We encourage families to send in their applications as soon as possible to ensure a spot for their child! 
If you have any questions about our preschool program or enrolling your child, you are welcome to email Liz Ratcliff (Principal) at