Panorama Speech Students go to State Speech

These speech kids never cease to amaze me! What amazing life lessons this activity teaches- public speaking, critical thinking, empathy, celebration, disappointment, and teamwork!

Here are Panorama's state results:
🎭Ensemble "Girl Talk" Lindsey Meyer and Kaidyn Dencklau 2-2-2 overall 2 rating
🎭Ensemble "A Streetcar Named Desire" Ruby Hummel and Shekynah Haworth 2-2-1 overall 2 rating;
🎭Musical Theatre "Waitress" Stephanie Livesay, Madison Livesay, Lauren Soll, Cassidy Hoehne 1-1-2 overall 1 rating;
🎭 Ensemble "The Next Mrs. Jacob Andersen" Krista Smith and Alejandra Fuente Bonilla 1-1-1 overall 1 rating;
🎭Readers’ Theatre "Game of Tiaras" Wyatt Clark, Kaidyn Dencklau, Ruby Hummel, Shekynah Haworth, Lauren Soll, Gracie Phillips, Emma Johnston, Isaac Jarnagin, Tate Kunze, Kevin Cogil, Kinsey Buster 2-1-1 overall 1 rating;
🎭 Musical Theatre "The Greatest Showman" Alejandra Fuente Bonilla, Sami Mortensen, Ki sey Buster, Corven Benshoof 2-2-2 overall 2 rating;
🎭 Improv “It’s the Fourth of July” Wyatt Clark, Isaac Jarnagin, Ethan Hafner 1-1-1 overall 1 rating;
🎭Choral "Love You Forever" Molly Simmons,Madison Livesay, Paige Cmelik, Audrey Cmelik, Lindsey Meyer, Hailey Meacham, Cassidy Hoehne, Gracie Phillips, Abby Cobb
1-1-1 overall 1 rating.

Congratulations to all our large group state speech participants!! You all did a great job. We are proud of you and the effort you put in to your act(s).